Petco’s New Holiday Collection Is A Must For Pet Lovers

Whether you are looking for a new outfit, accessory or toy for your pet this holiday season, odds are you will find what you are searching for at your local Petco. Gone are the days when your only option was choosing which color nylon-filled stocking filled with pets treats you liked best for your dog or cat. In addition to the assortment of toys on the market today, perhaps, what you may find more interesting is the vast selection of high quality clothing.

Just a few years back, I can remember when a doggie sweater was merely a stuffy piece of wool that was difficult to actually get on a dog, and proved not very warm even after the struggle of inserting the paws into the small arm holes. They rarely provided any real protection from the elements and often left the soft under bellies out to freeze in the wet, snowy weather.

I recently had the chance to view Petco’s holiday and Fall collection, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Each cold weather item was made with the animal’s comfort in mind. The holiday clothing and toys are available for both Christmas and Hannukah, and for dogs, cats, and hamsters.

The indoor holiday items are more about fashion than protection against the elements but some double as both. And the toys…. well, shh, don’t tell your pup, kitty, hamster just yet, but they are in for some stellar surprises!

Petco’s new holiday collection is a must for pet lovers….check them out here!

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