Petco's New Holiday Collection Is A Must For Pet Lovers

Whether you are looking for a new outfit, accessory or toy for your pet this holiday season, odds are you will find what you are searching for at your local Petco. Gone are the days when your only option was choosing which color nylon-filled stocking filled with pets treats you liked best for your dog or cat. In addition to the assortment of toys on the market today, perhaps, what you may find more interesting is the vast selection of high quality clothing.

Just a few years back, I can remember when a doggie sweater was merely a stuffy piece of wool that was difficult to actually get on a dog, and proved not very warm even after the struggle of inserting the paws into the small arm holes. They rarely provided any real protection from the elements and often left the soft under bellies out to freeze in the wet, snowy weather.

I recently had the chance to view Petco’s holiday and Fall collection, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Each cold weather item was made with the animal’s comfort in mind. The holiday clothing and toys are available for both Christmas and Hannukah, and for dogs, cats, and hamsters.

The indoor holiday items are more about fashion than protection against the elements but some double as both. And the toys…. well, shh, don’t tell your pup, kitty, hamster just yet, but they are in for some stellar surprises!

Petco’s new holiday collection is a must for pet lovers….check them out here!

  • Snow Kitty 1 of 22
    Cat Snowman

    While cats are not the most patient fashion models, this snowman suit is just too adorable to pass up. 

    Or get your favorite feline a cute little Santa coat for $9.99

  • Christmas Eve Attire 2 of 22
    Plaid vest dog

    Your pooch will be all ready for a house filled with visitors in this snazzy vest and tie. Move over Justin Timberlake, this pup doesn't even need a full suit!

    Purchase this snazzy vest and tie for $14.99-$19.99

  • Poodle Skirt 3 of 22
    Red plaid dress dog

    This dress brings new meaning to the old phrase. Just snap in on and your pup will look holiday sheik all night long. The comfort of the top snap and cotton material provides lasting comfort. 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • Cutest Rudolf Ever 4 of 22
    Reindeer harness dog

    This shiny reindeer costume is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. An indoor outfit, it doesn't protect against cold weather but surely is a joy to look at!

    Purchase from Petco for $19.99

  • Shortcut 5 of 22
    Reindeer antlers dog

    If your dog might object to a full reindeer costume, these cute antlers just might do the trick!

    Find a similar look here for $9.99

  • Mama’s Boy 6 of 22
    Small animal mom shirt

    Keep your hamster warm with this cute sweater that clearly shows where his heart is... with Mom! 

    Or dress them up in this snazzy bow tie for $4.99

  • Hamster Hoodie 7 of 22
    Small animal leopard hoodie hamster

    What's better than a snuggly hoodie... how about one with a dashing leopard print? 

    Purchase at Petco for $9.99


  • Santa Sweater 8 of 22
    Santa sweater copy

    This is an exception to the ugly Christmas sweater. It's soft, warm, and adorable!

    Purchase at Petco for $14.99

  • Turkey Day 9 of 22
    Turkey doll

    Keep your pup busy at the dinner table with this squeaky turkey doll toy. 

    Or purchase this other turkey treat for $9.99

  • More Turkey! 10 of 22

    Try out this turkey which is more like the real thing on your table, minus the vest, of course. Gotta love the cord legs! 

    Purchase on Petco for $9.99

  • Blankie 11 of 22
    Owl blanket

    It's a toy, it's a blankie, it's a blankie for your toy (dog). This toy doubles as a chewy security blanket and it squeaks!

    Purchase on Petco for $9.99

  • This One May Be For You 12 of 22
    Christmas tree bags 3D

    Cleaning up after your dog is not a holiday favorite for sure, but there's no reason to make it any more of a chore than it has to be, so lighten the mood with these festive pooper scooper baggies!

    Purchase on Petco for $14.99

  • Safe Plant Decor 13 of 22
    Pointsettia cat collar copy

    While real poinsettias are dangerous to pets, this cute collar is the perfect replacement for the real thing. Velcro snaps ensure easy dressing.

    There's also a cute bow tie option for $4.99

  • Happy Hanukkah 14 of 22
    Hanukkah bandana

    This festive phrase helps our pups get into the holiday spirit! 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • Oy Vey! 15 of 22
    Oy vey bandana

    ...because at some point during the holidays, all of us just need to utter this phrase once or twice! This is the flip side of the "Happy Hanukkah" bandana. 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • Puppy Gelt 16 of 22
    GELT bag toy

    Now you can gave your pooch a bag of gelt that crinkles and squeaks! 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • It’s All Kosher! 17 of 22
    Kosher bone toy

    While you might not keep a kosher kitchen, this plush bone toy is a festive (and fun) addition to a home. 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • All Eights Nights 18 of 22
    Hanukkah Gingerbread doll

    Thinking of giving your pups a gift each night? Try this gingerbread toy. 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • Healthy Indulgence 19 of 22
    Kosher hot dogs toy

    Treat your pup to this plush version of the all-time favorite weenies. 

    Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

  • New Fall Line 20 of 22
    Unleashed 2013 Traditionalist Collection 4

    Just part of the amazing Petco Unleashed Fall 2013 line. This unique line will have you wishing you fit into the tiny well-made clothes and bedding. They are a prime example of when form meets comfort. The pet carrier is a sleek design that is light years removed from the bulky plastic carriers of yesterday. 

    Look at all of Petco's great carrier options here!


  • Let It Snow 21 of 22
    Unleashed 2013 Adventurer Collection 2_1

    If you could see this red snow/rain jacket in person, you would appreciate the outer material specifically made to keep out the wet snow and sleet, but you just might enjoy the incredibly soft underbelly of the coat which screams out warm and snuggly. The lil' treat pocket in the back is merely a bonus! 

    Go visit Petco for all your dog care needs!


  • For Pet Lovers On Your List 22 of 22
    Petco giftcard

    A giftcard goes a long way! You can select a value between$10 and $200.

    Purchase a giftcard here

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