Petition Against Hunter Melissa Bachman Grows After Smug Photo With Slain Lion

Last week, “celebrity hunter” and TV host Melissa Bachman became the scorn of a community of animal lovers worldwide after posting a photo of herself posing with a beautiful lion she had just killed. The hunt was done in South Africa, a country in which she has killed many other exotic innocent animals simply for a thrill. Now South Africa is demanding that she no longer be allowed into their country to murder their animals.

Bachman states on her website that she is an avid bow hunter and that is all she has ever wanted to do since she first learned how to hunt as a child when she realized her ‘love for the outdoors’. Bachman’s kills include zebras, bears, elk, warthogs, lions, and many more.

Change.org has received over 250,000 signatures demanding her to be barred from entering South Africa entirely, and a Facebook page has been set up, called Stop Melissa Bachman. The page reads, “Stop Trophy Hunting. Stop the murder of wildlife for the sport. Stop Melissa Bachman and people like her from pulling the trigger,” and has already garnished 276K likes as of today.

According to Yahoo News, the petition, launched by Cape Town resident Elan Burman, includes a letter addressed to Director General Mkuseli Apleni and other South African officials:

“She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation this country prides itself on. Her latest Facebook post features her with a lion she has just executed and murdered in our country. As taxpayers we demand she no longer be granted access to this country and its natural resources.”

Conservationists say that this kill is particularly disturbing because the lion population is steadily decreasing and if it keeps up, lions could very well become extinct in just ten years.  While that is a travesty in and of itself, so is killing beautiful wild animals solely for the sake of killing, or for profit by the way of her TV show, Winchester Deadly Passion. One might question why and how a show such as this even exists.

While people petition and demand for her senseless killings to stop, we need to remember that there are countless other Melissa Bachmans of the world and we all need to work against all animal killings no matter who does it. And we also need to petition the network executives that allow such a show to be aired on TV. Here is a short description of the show taken from its website:

“Deadly Passion is 13-weeks of non-stop action and pure entertainment as Melissa travels the country going face to face with everything from world class red stag, thousand pound gators, to Boone and Crocket whitetails. This is one girl with a Deadly Passion.”

Sickeningly, Bachman touts herself as an animal lover as the array of dead animals at her own hands and her poses with each of them are mind blowing to any real animal lover.



What is nearly disturbing as the hunting itself is the smug look on her face while she poses for the pictures of her most recent kills. Surely, there is something gone array in the mind of a person who murders beautiful wild animals and gets a cheap thrill out of doing so.

To sign the petition to ban Bachman from South Africa, click here.

Images: Facebook

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