Pets Dressed As Characters from Doctor Who (PHOTOS)

K9, the faithful companion of the fourth Doctor

I’m only a recent convert to the Doctor Who phenomenon (seriously recent: about two months, and I’ve watched seven seasons with the most recent three doctors) but I’ve become rather OBSESSED.

I’d say it’s embarrassing, but I’m in really good company with this obsession, so I don’t mind.

This year I’ve been invited to a Halloween costume party for the first time in probably ten years, and while I’ve been idly looking at various options in the Doctor Who cannon (I totally want to be a dalek), I was lucky enough to find a bunch of pups dressed as characters from Doctor Who.

You know what happens next, right? Oh yes. I present to you pets dressed as Doctor Who characters.


  • Time And Relative Dogs In Space (TARDIS) 1 of 9
    This little cutie is wearing the hell out of that TARDIS, yes? For non-Whovians: the TARDIS is how Doctor Who travels through time and space, and it looks like a British Police Box from the 1950s.

    Image Credit: To the MapRoom, Indy!
  • Corgi as The Doctor 2 of 9
    OH LORD HAVE MERCY. A corgi. As a doctor. Wearing a Fez (which The Doctor did in only one episode, and he said, "A Fez is coool."). I'm dying. SO ADORABLE.

    Image Credit: German City Girl
  • Blitzen as the 11th Doctor 3 of 9
    Oh, ye gods. He DOES make that bowtie look cool.

    Image Credit: lisacub/DeviantArt
  • Meg the chihuahua as K9 4 of 9
    In a lovely addition to this pup's mom going as the 4th Doctor (yes, there have been 11 Doctors; the way they've kept the series going through the many, many years almost 50 years is by having him "regenerate" into a new body every now and again), this pup is wearing a K9 costume. You know, ironically.

    Image Credit: DWCosPlay/Livejournal/rjdaae
  • Sable as the 11th Doctor 5 of 9
    Poor Sable. She looks very, very unhappy about that Fez. Luckily, her owner only made her wear it for the photo. *whew*

    Image Credit: PPK/RasberryComplaint
  • Pug as Dalek 6 of 9
    When you think about it, a Pug could ONLY be a dalek, right? EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Again, for non-Whovians, the Daleks are The Doctor's main lifelong enemy.

    Image Credit: Manny/MyDesguises
  • Dogs Are Cool 7 of 9
    "So I'm a dog now. Cool. Dogs are cool." AWESOME.

    Image Credit: FBClick
  • Corgi as K9 8 of 9
    A corgi makes a PERFECT K9. Like the pug as a dalek, this makes total sense.

    Image Credit: Cassie/Crafty_Tardis/Livejournal
  • Kitten In Tardis 9 of 9
    Okay, fine, it's NOT really a costume. But I had to put a cat in here, and who cuter than this orange tabby kitten coming OUT of a TARDIS?

    Image Credit: Cats That Look Like Doctor Who

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