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Is your pet artistic? I keep threatening to whip up some nontoxic pet-safe paints and have my corgis try their paws at art work. In looking around for some ideas, I can across a number of animals who do their own creative artwork. Many of these talented animal artists also raise money for charity.

I also found some pet-safe paint kits that you can buy for your pet. So, if you want to give painting a try with your pet, you can get a kit and let your pet’s creativity flow. See the slideshow on pets that paint to learn more and to see some painting pets in action.

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    pets that paint

    Photo Credit: Go Vegas Dog


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  • Mozart Dane 2 of 12

    Mozart Dane is the Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue Spokesdog and he paints to bring awareness to issues such as puppy mills, pet store problems, and homeless dogs. All proceeds from his paintings go to homeless dogs and awareness. You can learn more on Mozart's paintings page.


    Photo Credit: Mozart Dane


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  • Wild Horse Painting 3 of 12

    At the Wild Horse Rescue Center, horses create paintings that are sold to support the center, which is dedicated to the preservation of America's wild horses. The center rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for mustangs and burros. It also provides educational clinics and seminars to the public. 


    You can see more on how the horses create their paintings on the Wild Horse Rescue Center paintings page


    Photo Credit: Wild Horse Rescue Center


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  • Wild Horse Rescue Center Painting 4 of 12

    Here is another look at a Wild Horse Rescue Center artist in action. 


    Photo Credit: Wild Horse Rescue Center


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  • Go Vegas Dog Paints 5 of 12

    Arbor the painting dog was rescued from a high kill shelter in Las Vegas and went on to become an internationally recognized painter with 50,000+ friends all over the world. Arbor paints to raise funds and awareness for other animals in need. Her highest selling painting fetched $1,000 with 100% of the net proceeds benefiting the Central Oklahoma Humane Society to help with tornado relief.


    Photo Credit: Go Vegas Dog


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  • Go Vegas Dog 6 of 12

    Here is another look at Arbor with one of her paintings.


    Photo Credit: Go Vegas Dog


    Follow Arbor on Facebook and see Arbor in action on YouTube

  • Lord Tankson 7 of 12

    Lord Tankson is a painting corgi, who has made paintings to donate for charity and to raise money for corgi medical bills through groups such as corgipals.


    Photo Credit: Lord Tankson


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  • Tillamook Cheddar 8 of 12

    Tillamook Cheddar, aka Tillie, is a particularly renown artist. She has had 20 exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe and has traveled across the country shooting a documentary and accompanying a traveling exhibition.  Tillie uses an interesting color transfer technique to create her art. She also has a published biography. You can learn more at Tillie's website.


    Photo Credit: Tillamook Cheddar


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  • Elephant Artist 9 of 12

    Elephant painting has gotten a fair amount of media attention. You can learn more from a group that focuses on Elephant painting and conservation at the Elephant Art Gallery


    Photo Credit: Paul Esson

  • Why Cats Paint Book 10 of 12

    Why Cats Paint is one of my favorite coffee table photo books. With a look at feline painting and aesthetics, it is a fun and artistic item to have on your table or shelf.


  • Painting Kits 11 of 12
    paint kits

    Want to paint with your pet? You can try the Kitty Casso and Pup Casso painting kits!

  • Cat Reaches for Art Supplies 12 of 12

    Thanks for reading. Please share the slideshow with your artistic and pet loving friends!


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