Pets Who Broke Their New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are such honorable things. We all make them with the best of intentions and then often promptly break them. Did you know these fun statistics?

  • 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions
  • Only 8% are successful in keeping them
  • 75% maintain a resolution through the first week, but then it drops off quickly after the second week

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So, if we can’t keep our resolutions, why should our pets be any different? Here are 16 pets who broke their New Year’s resolutions.

  • Broken Resolutions 1 of 17
    broken resolutions

    It is the time of year for making, and breaking, resolutions. These 16 pets show you how it is done.


    Photo Credits: BuzzFarmers,  Robert Couse-Baker, and Allison

  • Is this Yours? 2 of 17

    "I won't steal Daddy's shoes." 

    "I sooooo resolve not to steal Daddy's shoes"

    "Ooops, how did this shoe get here?"


    Photo Credit: BuzzFarmers

  • Ty’s Broken Promise 3 of 17

    One year, when he was still a puppy, corgi Ty resolved to share with his sister. Instead, he shredded her bed. Then he did his best to look innocent. It didn't work.


    Photo Credit: Carleen Coulter

  • Better Grooming? Gone! 4 of 17

    That resolution to keep the fur spotless and perfectly white? Well that went out the door as soon as a good source of mud was found. But really, who could resist?   


    Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson

  • Broken Diet 5 of 17

    That resolution to eat healthy was a good one. Too bad the cookie jar was within tempting reach.  A resolution wasn't the only thing that got broken! 


    Photo Credit: Justin Davis

  • Attack of the Magazine 6 of 17

    "I resolve to read more"

    "Look here! Look at all the reading that I did!"

    "I can't help it that I'm a voracious reader!"


    Photo Credit: Jeremy

  • Not so Nice 7 of 17

    The resolution to be nicer to baby brother was quite admirable. After all, we want to be caring and kind right? Too bad it lasted only a few days.


    Photo Credit: Allison

  • Getting the Papers Out of Order 8 of 17

    A resolution to get all the papers and documents in order is a bit hard to keep when they are so fun to play with! Something tells me that these papers are not going to get properly filed. Not with the cat helping anyway!


    Photo Credit: Robin Zebrowski

  • Bad Babysitter 9 of 17

    "I resolve to play with my own toys!"

    "This really is my own toy! Really it is!"

    "What do you mean you don't trust me to babysit?"


    Photo Credit: Nancy Sims  

  • Closet Cleaning 10 of 17

    These cats took their resolution to clean the closet a bit too far. They also got caught in the act. The idea was to declutter, not to destroy! 


    Photo Credit: Bennowich

  • Sneaking a Taste 11 of 17

    The Siamese resolved to stay off the counter and to quit stealing food. She obviously failed on both accounts.  I wonder if it was bacon in the pan? That would tempt me into breaking the resolution. 


    Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker

  • I’m Not Napping 12 of 17

    "OK, I know I resolved to quit napping on your laundy."

    "But look! I'm awake, I'm not napping!"

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" 


    Photo Credit: Kara

  • Chew Toy? 13 of 17

    All good puppies know that they should chew only their proper chew toys. This puppy resolved to do so until the bag just got too tempting to ignore.  At least he is super cute while doing so!


    Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

  • Red Solo Cup! 14 of 17

    It is common to resolve to give up beer for New Years. It is a good resolution for a dog as well, especially if they are like my corgi Eve and try to sneak a drink when a cup is left out. Apparently this cup was just too tempting to ignore!  


    Photo Credit: Daniel Rothamel

  • So Much For Organizing The Bathroom 15 of 17

    A good resolution for the New Year is to clean out those messy bathroom shelves right? This kitty tried ended up with a mes instead. Or maybe she just couldn't reach the cupboard to put things away?  


    Photo Credit: Liz

  • Laundry Assistance 16 of 17

    Cats love to help with the laundry, but really should resolve not to do so. This cat is torn. Assist in loading the dryer, or keep the resolution and get out of the way? I suspect he went with the former. 


    Photo Credit: Robin Zebrowski

  • Decorating the Clothing 17 of 17

    This cat resolved to quit shedding on the clothes. But the drawer was just so tempting. Hopefully the fur will match the fabric!


    Photo Credit: Melissa Wiese

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