Picks for Pets: Etsy’s Most Fabulous Easter Bonnets

Is your pet ready for Easter? Really? Really really? Because if your pet doesn’t have an Easter bonnet, I’m not so sure.

Of course, if you still haven’t ensured that your pet will be decked out in the season’s best headgear, Etsy is your one-stop shop for fabulousness.

I think even English royalty would be jealous of some of these numbers.

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  • Easter Eggheads 2 of 14
    If your dog's noggin is just asking for an egg-shaped topper, these made-to-measure hats are available in custom colors. 10 percent of this Etsy crafter's sales are donated to the ASPCA.

    Available on Etsy, $10.
  • Spring Is in the Air…and on Your Cat’s Head 3 of 14
    Made to measure, and available in custom colors, this crocheted butterfly hat is perfection.

    Available on Etsy, $18.
  • Easter Fascinator 4 of 14
    This fluffy hat by Etsy's Lena Pavia comes with matching fluffy bow!

    Available on Etsy, $19.50.
  • Bunny Beanie 5 of 14
    I love this bunny-on-a-beanie look. Bonus: Since the beanie could pass as a yarmulke, this would be perfect for the dog who celebrates both Easter and Passover!

    Available on Etsy, $14.50.
  • Easter Parade Star 6 of 14
    My third pick from Lena Pavia isn't a hat, but would still be an awesome attention-getter at an Easter parade.

    Available on Etsy, $14.50.
  • Bunny Bonnet 7 of 14
    This made-to-measure crocheted bunny hat is available in custom colors, and works for both dogs and cats.

    Available on Etsy, $18.
  • Classic Crocheted Bonnet 8 of 14
    Love the lavender shade of this handmade bonnet.

    Available on Etsy, $13.50
  • Yes, Your Bunny Needs a Bonnet 9 of 14
    This jelly bean-patterned bonnet comes with a jelly bean-patterned collar bandanna. Available in a variety of sizes, and other cute spring patterns.

    Available on Etsy, $11.99
  • Picture Perfect 10 of 14
    Photo props don't get much more adorable than this bunny ear bonnet from Etsy crafter Eternal Light Shop.

    Available from Eternal Light Shop on Etsy, $12.
  • Cute Chick 11 of 14
    Peep, peep. This baby chick bonnet is available in custom sizes.

    Available on Etsy, $12.
  • Egg Hunt Hat 12 of 14
    A great choice for an egg hunt, this hat is available in custom colors.

    Available on Etsy, $10.
  • Easter Top Hat 13 of 14
    This crocheted top hat sports a baby chick and Easter egg appliques.

    Available on Etsy, $12.50.
  • Cat Hats Do Not Get Any Better Than This 14 of 14
    An absolutely perfect spring hat from master milliner To Scarborough Fair.

    Available on Etsy, $30.

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