Pigs: The Piranhas of the Farm World

Okay y’all, it just got real.  An Oregon farmer was reportedly eaten by his hogs.  I kid you not.  An article in the SFGate says he went out to feed them and never came back.  The farmer’s family says he really loved his animals and was very dedicated to them.  Obviously, the pigs weren’t feeling it.  

One friend suggested to me that maybe the farmer just ran away.  That is a lovely thought, but they found the guy’s dentures and some body parts.  One has to wonder how long these pigs were waiting for their opportunity to strike.  Most of us think of pigs as harmless, sometimes cute farm residents.  Obviously, we really need to revisit that thinking.  I did some investigating, and I think this attack is just the beginning.  I think the pigs and hogs of the world are banding together to take over.

I have put together this slide show so you can determine for yourself if we should be worried.  There was some mention of an “aporkalypse” in the last few weeks when there was talk of a bacon shortage.  Maybe the “aporkalypse” just started with that poor farmer in Oregon.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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