Play Puppy Bowl Fantasy Football

Are you ready for the big game coming up this Sunday? No, I’m not referring to the big human football game, I’m talking about Puppy Bowl X on Animal Planet!

Every year I look forward to the Puppy Bowl. In it, cute adoptable dogs play a canine version of football, complete with a flying hamster driven blimp, animal cheerleaders, and an amazing kitten halftime show. OK, so I also watch the human version afterward, but I sure do adore the puppy game.

I also am a fantasy football fan. Both my husband and I take part in several leagues. So, imagine my joy when I found out that this year you can draft your own Puppy Bowl fantasy team!  Then, you can go back and watch during the game and check your points.

Drafting is easy. Just browse the dogs and select your three favorites.

My draft

When you are done, you can see your team and share it. Here is my finished team. I took Bach, a Bernese Mountain Dog mix, figuring that his big body would be able to punch in a few touchdown runs. Meanwhile, little Mandy will have the agility to sneak in some goals. Sparky just plain looked energetic. It seemed like a good mix of players to me!

My draft 2

My only complaint is that they don’t have all of the puppies that will be on TV Sunday available to draft. But you can still get a good team of three from the ones that are here.

Draft your Puppy Bowl X team here at Animal Planet.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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