Poll Shows Americans Think Dogs Are Better Than Cats, Loch Ness Monster Is Real


Public Policy Polling, which usually sticks with well, public policy polling as its name suggests, recently released a poll on American relationships with Animals and Pets that is so oddly hilarious, it almost reads like a Daily Show interview…with a six hundred person group meant to vaguely represent the American public.

Of the 603 registered voters who answered the 36 question poll between the 11th and 13th of June, 61% said they owned at least one pet, and one in five of those pet owners said they’d rather hang with their pet than other human beings. 26% of respondents identified as politically liberal, 29% as moderate, and 55% identified as conservative. On the flipside, 50% of those polled voted for President Barack Obama in the last election, while 44% reported that they’d cast a vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t know what any of those things have to do with animals, but the questions were in the poll so I thought it was at least worth mentioning, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Read on to see if we think cat people or dog people are freakier, and what creature terrifies us above all others. If nothing else, the survey seems to support that we Americans are a pretty judgy group.

  • Dogs Rule 1 of 12

    A whopping 52% of Americans prefer dogs over cats. Cats have already begun planning their revenge against humans everywhere.


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  • She’s Out Of Control 2 of 12

    Don't get too cocky dog owners. Nearly half of respondents (48%) think you need to get better control of your pet. 


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  • Some People Just Really Don’t Like Animals 3 of 12

    When questioned, 8% of respondents thought cats should "all go live in the woods" while only 4% wished dogs the same fate.


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  • Can We Keep Him? 4 of 12

    Don't take it too personally Cats of the World: Reality is not a key factor when it comes to American pet preferences. 


    According to the survey: "When picking what they'd most like to have as an exotic pet, 26% chose a tiger, 20% a
    giraffe, 18% a dinosaur, 16% an elephant, 14% a polar bear and 6% an alligator."


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  • Paula Abdul Said It Best 5 of 12

    Snakes beat out alligators, sharks, and bears as the most terrifying animal.


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  • Furry Bedfollows 6 of 12

    A third of all pet owners polled let their pets share their bed.


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  • Where’s The Beef? 7 of 12

    Only 9% of those polled maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet.


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  • Hail To The Chihuahua 8 of 12

    37% of Americans polled believed a dog would make a better President than a cat. Hissssssssss.


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  • Here Kitty Kitty 9 of 12

    The poll reports that 23% of the country agrees with the statement "Cat owners are weirder than dog owners".


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  • Nessie Lives 10 of 12

    Is the Lock Ness Monster real? 35% of Americans polled said yes.


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  • Hungry Hungry Hippos 11 of 12

    Maybe it was fear of being eaten out of house and home that made 90% of those polled say they would NOT in fact want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Or maybe it was their breath.



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  • Bambi Takes Out Lassie 12 of 12

    Bambi, tragic as it is, beats out Lassie as our favorite film with a furry star. (Not that kind of furry.)


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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