Pucker Up! 14 Swoon-Worthy Photos of Kissing Cats

14 Swoon-Worthy Photos of Kissing CatsThere are a few things in this life that are fool proof for making me smile. If I am having a bad day or things have been particularly drab, I like to fall back on these fail proof things to brighten up my day.

Adorable photos of way-too-cute babies will get my smiles happening, certain songs that I could listen to over and over again will work and of course — photos of kittens. From their tiny cuteness to their big eyes, kittens are a sure way to make my happiness flow.

If I need a big dose of happy and I am worried nothing will work I like to fall back onto kittens doing adorably cute things, like giving kisses. If these don’t brighten up your day I am sorry to say that nothing probably will and you should just go take a nap.

Click through to see 14 adorable photos of kissing cats:

  • Kiss (English) 1 of 14
    Kiss (English)
    A sweet kiss between baby and a mama is so cute.
    Photo credit: Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Baiser (French) 2 of 14
    Baiser (French)
    Little kitten showing her love to her mom with a kiss and a hug.
    Photo credit: Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Beso (Spanish) 3 of 14
    Beso (Spanish)
    A hesitation from one cat as the other shows their love.
    Photo credit: Sherry's Rose Cottage/Flickr
  • Bacio (Italian) 4 of 14
    Bacio (Italian)
    Reach down kisses are just so cute.
    Photo credit: Cats in trees/Flickr
  • CaÅ‚ować (Polish) 5 of 14
    Całować (Polish)
    A little bit of a public display, but adorable still.
    Photo credit: andrewXu/Flickr
  • Suudella (Finnish) 6 of 14
    Suudella (Finnish)
    I sense a real love connection here!
    Photo credit: remysharp/Flickr
  • Basium (Latin) 7 of 14
    Basium (Latin)
    Little kitten holds on to mama and gives a kiss.
    Photo credit: tanitta/Flickr
  • Polibek (Czech) 8 of 14
    Polibek (Czech)
    Tell me this one is not making your day better, it's so cute.
    Photo credit: AlishaV/Flickr
  • Küssen (German) 9 of 14
    Küssen (German)
    A little break from the day and time for a quick kiss.
    Photo credit: KellyReeves/Flickr
  • Ciuman (Indonesian) 10 of 14
    Ciuman (Indonesian)
    Playful mama gives a kiss to her kitten.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • поцелуй (Russian) 11 of 14
    поцелуй (Russian)
    No love lost between these friends!
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Póg (Irish) 12 of 14
    Póg (Irish)
    Even older kittens need the love of their mama.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Sărut (Romanian) 13 of 14
    Sărut (Romanian)
    Sweet newborn kittens give a little kiss to each other.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • öpücük (Turkish) 14 of 14
    öpücük (Turkish)
    Not much better than little red cats giving some sweet kisses.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto

Photo adapted from photo hosted on  Imgur Gallery

Gallery “Kiss” translations via Google Translate


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