Pups of Pride! (And A Kitty Too)

A tutu makes us all feel pretty, yes?

June was Gay Pride Month in the United States, and all across the nation there were Gay Pride Parades to both celebrate Gay Pride, and attempt to help bridge the gap between those that support and those that don’t understand (or accept) people choosing to love those that aren’t heteronormative.

But it’s not just people at Pride Parades; there are plenty of pups there too! I took a look through Flickr to find the best and cutest pups of prides (and I even stumbled across a kitten in drag!).


  • Prideful Pups In Chicago 1 of 24
    Prideful Pups In Chicago
    These pitbulls are heading to the Chicago Pride Parade in STYLE! How adorable are those doggy smiles?

    Image Credit: Pitties In The City
  • Falsies 2 of 24
    Okay, I'm not sure of the wisdom of putting false eyelashes on your dog, even if it is for Pride, but dang: ain't it cute?

    Image Credit: C1ssou/Flickr
  • Is His Drool Purple Too? 3 of 24
    Is His Drool Purple Too?
    You gotta love a mastiff. Except for the drool thing. LOVE the boa.

    Image Credit: Erica Joy/Flickr
  • Poodle Pride! 4 of 24
    Poodle Pride!
    Not to play into any stereotypes, but I must confess to seeing more poodles at my local Pride parade than anything else. Ahem.

    Image Credit: Gabrielsaldana/Flickr
  • Gentle Leader Pride 5 of 24
    Gentle Leader Pride
  • Pride Pups 6 of 24
    Pride Pups
    You guys. A SAINT BERNARD PUPPY WEARING A PRIDE FLAG! Adorable. Seriously.

    Image Credit: Infomatique/Flickr
  • So Nice I had To Do ‘Em Twice 7 of 24
    So Nice I had To Do 'Em Twice
    They are just too cute, these two.

    Image Credit: Infomatique/Flickr
  • Too Much Pride 8 of 24
    Too Much Pride
    This poor pup is bushed from all the celebrating.

    Image Credit: Infomatique/Flickr
  • Rainbow Ball! Rainbow Ball! 9 of 24
    Rainbow Ball! Rainbow Ball!
  • Pup’s First Pride Parade 10 of 24
    Pup's First Pride Parade
    It's important to get your puppy into the pride spirit as soon as possible. I highly recommend this age as the place to begin. Also? PUPPY CUTENESS OMG.

    Image Credit: Jennandjohn/Flickr
  • Tutu! 11 of 24
    Everyone feels prettier in a tutu. Yes, even a dog at a Pride Parade. In fact, ESPECIALLY a dog at a Pride Parade!

    Image Credit: Jennandjohn/Flickr
  • More Tutu! 12 of 24
    More Tutu!
    I thought this photo shows the full effect. I love the color combination of black and white with pink, don't you?

    Image Credit: Jennandjohn/Flickr
  • With Bells On! 13 of 24
    With Bells On!
    This pup is celebrating Pride with a jing-a-ling-a-ing. Adorable.

    Image Credit: livenature/Flickr
  • Another Poodle! 14 of 24
    Another Poodle!
    See? What did I tell you about the poodles at Pride? Love the rainbow stripes - but hope it's non-toxic temporary hair dye. Ahem.

    Image Credit: Nhanusek/Flickr
  • Time for a Haircut for Pride? 15 of 24
    Time for a Haircut for Pride?
    Apparently someone is getting a trim before the Pride Parade. And, yes, ANOTHER POODLE.

    Image Credit: Ninasuarusrex/Flickr
  • Flag Bearer 16 of 24
    Flag Bearer
    Flag, or chew toy? Chew, or wave? A dog's day at Pride is so confusing.

    Image Credit: Rockmixer/Flickr
  • Kitty in Drag 17 of 24
    Kitty in Drag
    It's not just dogs at Pride, yo. Some kitties get into the action by going full drag queen.

    Image Credit: Rockmixer/Flickr
  • Solemn Pride 18 of 24
    Solemn Pride
    This dog is doing Pride with dignity.

    Image Credit: Sangudo/Flickr
  • Panting With Pride 19 of 24
    Panting With Pride
    This dog is BRINGING IT, don't you think? Another big puppy smile.

    Image Credit: Scazon/Flickr
  • Bulldog Pride 20 of 24
    Bulldog Pride
    I love this dog. His face is totally, "When do we go? When do we go?"

    Image Credit: Sea-turtle/Flickr
  • Carrying the Prideful Pup 21 of 24
    Carrying the Prideful Pup
    I'm not sure what's more adorable in this one, the puppy of the dude carrying him. FINE, it's both!

    Image Credit: thisisbossi/Flickr
  • Motorcycle Pup 22 of 24
    Motorcycle Pup
    There's always a hardcore biker or two in the Pride crowd.

    Image Credit: tinou/Flickr
  • Poodle Pride #43 23 of 24
    Poodle Pride #43
    Somehow this little poodle has a kind of quiet dignity, yes? I feel like legalizing gay marriage just looking at him.

    Image Credit: Tijook/Flickr
  • Ride With Pride 24 of 24
    Ride With Pride
    This little guy is riding in style. Nothing like a bike in a Pride Parade!

    Image Credit: twodolla/Flickr

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