Raining Cats and Dogs! (Pun Intended)

It’s a very cool and rainy day today here in Philly, and as my husband was getting ready to take our pup Cannie to the dog park he asked me where his raincoat was and I totally misunderstood him and thought he was asking where her raincoat was. I was all, she doesn’t have a raincoat, but good idea!

And a post was born.

So naturally I gathered some adorable photos of cats and dogs in raincoats. Enjoy!

  • Lana 1 of 12
    Apparently Lana is a hunting dog. Wonder if she can hunt in that thing?

    Image Credit: Flickr/lomodeedee
  • Bogart the Airdale 2 of 12
    Bogart the Airdale
    Isn't he adorable? Apparently he "stops traffic" with this rain coat. He needs it he lives in Portland, one of the rainiest places in the US!

    Image Credit: Flickr/Toairisdivine
  • Boone 3 of 12
    His owner swears he loves his coat. I think he loves the walks he gets when he WEARS the coat. Heh.

    Image Credit: Flickr/otakuchick
  • Hershey 4 of 12
    Is there anything cuter than a chihuahua in a coat? Sigh. Sadly, Hershey here is no longer with us.

    Image Credit: Flickr/asimilator
  • Amaya the Corgi Pup 5 of 12
    Amaya the Corgi Pup
    Corgi cuteness? Check. Adorable raincoat? Check. Creepy glowing eyes? Check.

    Image Credit: Flickr/thisisbossi
  • Daisy the Curly Cat 6 of 12
    Daisy the Curly Cat
    Daisy here has her very own blog where she often models the latest cat fashion. I love her face here.

    Image Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat
  • Cat Raincoat by Etsy 7 of 12
    Cat Raincoat by Etsy
    We couldn't leave Etsy out of this, could we? Personally, I love this red cat coat. Although I don't know many cats that would tolerate it.

    Image Credit: Etsy/CoolCats
  • Foster and Friend 8 of 12
    Foster and Friend
    How is it that other dogs in raincoats look silly and greyhounds look dignified?

    Image Credit: Flickr/CScott
  • Etsy Dog Raincoat 9 of 12
    Etsy Dog Raincoat
    The bow. It's killing me. I die.

    Image Credit: Etsy/thedoggiemarket
  • Dog Actually In Rain in Raincoat 10 of 12
    Dog Actually In Rain in Raincoat
    This is a dog out for a walk in Manhattan. He kinda looks like he wishes he had an umbrella too.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Yourdon
  • Dignity 11 of 12
    This cat is totally WORKING IT, am I right? PS: I love, love, love orange tabbies.

    Image Credit: My Funny Animals
  • Maru (of course) 12 of 12
    Maru (of course)
    We have to include Maru, don't we? The world's most successful internet cat is saying SOMETHING about his raincoat. We'll pretend it's nice.

    Image Credit: I am Maru

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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