Revolutionizing Shelters: The Green Dog Rescue Project

With so many dogs being put down in shelters every day, it’s no wonder that the “difficult” dogs are the ones most likely to be put down. After all, how can you adopt out a dog that snaps at fingers in their cage?

The Green Dog Rescue Project is aiming to fix this by revolutionizing the way dogs are kept at shelters. Their about page says it best:

Current shelters are designed to “manage” stray animals.  Shelter dogs continue to suffer psychologically and socially in our current shelters.  It is unnatural for dogs to live in solitary confinement. It creates frustration, anxiety, fear, and psychological discord.  As a result, many dogs present themselves as aggressive, timid, anti-social, or simply unstable.  This makes them unsuitable for adoption, and often candidates for euthanasia.

Founder of The Green Dog Rescue Project says that twenty years ago, a dog took a bullet during a home invasion and saved her life, and this is why she’s dedicated her life to helping dogs. ABC New recently profiled the rescue:

“We have cages in our society, and we put prisoners in them.” she told “Time and time again, I’ve seen so many dogs euthanized because they’re misunderstood.”

In standard shelters, dogs feel trapped because everything around them feels like a threat, Combs said. But her tactic is to take the leash and have a “conversation” with the dog, who usually submits within 30 seconds. The dog realizes someone else —the alpha — is making decisions, and it can relax, she said.

It’s an interesting model for a a dog rescue, and it’s nice to see dogs being given a second chance. Good luck, Green Dog!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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