Rosie the Cat Remains Unimpressed, Yet Surprisingly Calm About All This [Video]

rosieIn my experience, cats are quick to react and when they don’t like something — it’s easy to know.

I believe that there are some truths to what cats don’t like. They don’t like to be pet backwards, they don’t like to be touched when they don’t want to be and they hate to be ignored. There are also some pretty standard “enemies” when it comes to cats — things like dogs, mice and little birds. Seeing or being near any of these, typically means one of two things will happen:

1) Cat will run quickly away while hissing

2) Cat will go on a rampage and take down the animal

And then there’s Rosie. A surprisingly calm cat who remains totally unimpressed while multiple little chicks invade her sleeping quarters. I don’t know what type of will-power this cat has, but it’s evident from the video she has more than the average cat.

Photo credit: adapted screenshot tubbytubbytubtubs /YouTube
Source: YouTube


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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