Royal Pets: Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets Fit For A King (Photos)

Royal Pets: Photos of Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets Wearing Crowns
King Hamster, lord of the cage

With the Olympics over, many of us are missing that daily royal fix. After all, it was fun to catch glimpses of the royal family during the ceremonies.

But now that there is no royal wedding in the works or large scale British events in the near future, it looks like we’re not the only ones missing the royals. In fact, many of our pets seem to have gotten in on the British fun.

And since so many of our pet cats, dogs, hamsters, and even bunnies get regular doses of the royal treatment, we decided to bring you some adorable pics.

Check out these photos below of our beloved pets… queens and kings among them!


  • Cat Middleton 1 of 10
    Cat Middleton
    Wolfdog William or Hounddog Harry... decisions, decisions...
    Image: Flickr/ oh_merci
  • Queen Bunny 2 of 10
    Queen Bunny
    Move over Queen Elizabeth, you've got nothing on this graceful bunny.
    Image: Flickr/ Jellyjanjan
  • King Kitty 3 of 10
    King Kitty
    Regal poker face
    Image: Flickr/ CooYouSha-solata
  • Princely Pets 4 of 10
    Princely Pets
    The king and his servant
    Image: Flickr/ pyza*
  • Royal Subjects? 5 of 10
    Royal Subjects?
    Or clown jesters?
    Image: Flickr/ PamperedWhiskers13
  • Kingly Canine 6 of 10
    Kingly Canine
    "This is royal grass, right?"
    Image: Flickr/ thescruffydog09
  • Regal Rodent 7 of 10
    Regal Rodent
    Just gnawing to rule the kingdom!
    Image: Flickr/ Shandi-lee
  • Fergie Pup Style? 8 of 10
    Fergie Pup Style?
    Ths adorable pup certainy has the making of a rebel royal if we've ever seen one!
    Image: Flickr/ Michael Shoop
  • Crowning Ambition 9 of 10
    Crowning Ambition
    Like certain people, this kitty will do anything to get his paws on the crown.
    Image: Flickr/ Lsanchezg
  • Pretty in Purple 10 of 10
    Pretty in Purple
    It's my crown and it'll be purple if I want it to! Royal colors, you know.
    Image: Flickr/ CreamOfTheOreo


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