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What your favorite toy for small dogs?

Small dogs require special attention, no doubt about it. Owners need to purchase pint-sized bowls, collars, and leashes, and itty-bitty bites of kibble specially designed for tiny mouths. But did you ever consider the fact that your pup’s toys will also require some special consideration?

One of the worst things you can do is buy a big bone for a small dog. Your dog will more than likely try their best to bite it and hurt themselves in the process. It will do the opposite and create stress rather than entertainment, which was the intention.

And while it’s common sense to select the tiniest toys you can find, you have to also ensure that the pieces are not so small that you dog can choke on them.

Your best bet is to ask your vet what he/she recommends for your individual dog. You will also find some good advice at your trusted pet store.

In the meantime, here are some great toys to give some ideas about what you precious pup might like, and they are all suitable for small breeds:


  • Chewzie Bone 1 of 8
    Chewzie Bone
    All toys should be small enough so your dog can pick them up in the middle, hold them easily in their mouth and chew on them without having to overstretch their jaws. Toys that can fit completely into your dog's mouth lengthwise, possibly prying it open, are dangerous. Make sure the toy measures longer than the jaw span of your pup. This bone is ideal for small dogs, and also holds treats (providing much needed mental stimulation).
    Source:/ Chewzie Dog
  • Bionic Play Toys 2 of 8
    Bionic Play Toys
    This company has devoted research time to identify the exact special needs of small dogs. For example, because tiny breeds have sharper teeth but less force behind their bite, Bionic Play went to work specifically adjusting the geometry of their smaller toys for an increased resistance to punctures. The result? A new ball, bone, tug-n-toss, and stuffer (which holds treats) specially designed for small dogs.
    Source:/ Bionic Play
  • Nylabone 3 of 8
    Dogs can chew on a nylabones , satisfying their teething needs for days and they will never splinter off, causing a potential choking situation. Dog owners should avoid rawhide which can break into parts, causing intestinal blockage.
    Source:/ Petco
  • Squeaky Toys 4 of 8
    Squeaky Toys
    Many dogs love squeaky sounds; just make sure they're not too loud and bring pain to your pup's sensitive ears. Ensure that it is made of non-toxic material.
    Source:/ Bloomingtails Dog Boutique
  • Rope Toy 5 of 8
    Rope Toy
    Remember that small dogs are delicate and you cannot play tug of war with a teacup Chihuahua the same way you can with a Lab. It's vital to teach this to children who might not realize the difference when playing with different dog breeds.
    Source:/ Petland Discounts
  • Stuffed Animal 6 of 8
    Stuffed Animal
    Every dog needs a lovey, but make sure your stuffed animal of choice doesn't have any small parts that can be bitten off and become lodged in their throat. This toy, Eddie the Bamboo frog is not only non-toxic and chemical free, but it has ropes (great for tugging fun).
    Source:/ Bloomingtails Dog Boutique
  • Chuck It Ball Toss 7 of 8
    Chuck It Ball Toss
    This unique toy enables owners to play fetch without having to keep picking up the toy. Great for seniors with small dogs.
    Source:/ Care A Lot Pets
  • Greenies Dental Chews 8 of 8
    Greenies Dental Chews
    While they are not toys specifically, these treats almost become addictive to many dogs, and come in small sizes. Big bonus: they clean the dog's teeth at the same time, and the teeth of small dogs often require more care and attention.
    Source:/ Greenies


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