Secure Those Easter Eggs! Dog Almost Dies From Chocolate Poisoning

Secure Those Easter Eggs! Dog Almost Dies From Chocolate PoisoningIf you are a dog lover, chances are you already know that chocolate can be dangerous, and even lethal to dogs. There is also a good chance that your dog may have ingested a bit of chocolate once or twice and never suffered any ill effects. Yet taking a chance that your dog will not have a reaction can be gambling with their life.

Poppy, a U.K. pooch went through his owner’s shopping bags and devoured an Easter egg she had purchased at the supermarket. This one sneaky act nearly took her life, says Poppy’s owner Sally Riella:

“I’d been shopping that morning and had to rush out, so a few bags were left on the floor. I never dreamt for one minute what could happen. One of the Easter eggs had been crushed, so Poppy must have decided it would be good to eat – she never touched the second egg in the bag, which was still in the wrapper.”

Poppy, a Yorkshire Terrier/Bichon Frise mix was administered activated charcoal and IV fluids, and recovered within two days. Some dogs are not as lucky.

While Poppy’s sickness was accidental, some owners reward their dogs with bits of chocolate here and there as treats. Dogs should never be given chocolate of any kind because while it may not seem to affect some dogs, taking a risk that your dog will suffer no repercussions is foolish.

The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. “A dog weighing five kilograms could develop mild signs of toxicity after eating 50 grams of milk chocolate or just seven grams of cooking chocolate,” says Dr. Melissa Claus. “The same size dog could seizure after eating 100 grams of milk chocolate or 15 grams of cooking chocolate, and ingestion of larger amounts can cause death.”

Chocolate poisoning symptoms include hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, a fast or irregular heartbeat, panting, overheating, or collapse.

So, this Sunday after the Easter Bunny has visited and when all of your child’s candy is out and about, pay special attention to make certain that your dog cannot reach any. And when you feel like celebrating Easter with your favorite furry friend, try slipping them a small piece of meat from the dinner table rather than any candy.

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