Sloths: Lazy or Crazy? It’s a Tough Call

Sloths: Lazy or Crazy?Here at Babble Pets we always show you lots of cute animals.  That’s lovely and everything, but I was feeling a little bad for the less cute animals.  So, I decided to give some attention to the sloth.  Yes, the sloth.  They are not beautiful or cute (no, stop, they are not), and in some cases they look a little deranged (you’ll see).

There is a lot you should know about the sloth.  You can read most of it on this Wikipedia page, but I’ll tell you the important stuff now so the suspense doesn’t kill you.  First, as usual, this is an animal that has a Facebook page and more followers than I do.  You  know how I feel about that!  Why does a sloth have 60 thousand followers!?  Secondly, there are six species of sloth (yeah, I don’t know why either) and they are all painfully slow.  One species moves at the top speed of 6.5 feet per minute.  That is, however, about the twice the speed my children move when we are in a hurry to leave the house.

Before I show you the pictures, I will leave you with one example of behavior that is either lazy, crazy, or both.  For further examples, you’ll have to go read the Wikipedia page (don’t make a face, learning is good for you).  Anyway, sloths pretty much do nothing but hang from trees.  When they have babies, the babies hang onto their mothers.  Sometimes a baby sloth will fall to the ground and ultimately die.  They don’t die from the fall, they die because the mother sloth can’t go to the trouble to climb down the tree and get the baby, thus leaving them helpless.  What is that?!?!

  • Rare Ground Appearance 1 of 9
    Rare Ground Appearance
    Sloths only head to the ground about once a week, to go to the bathroom. That is a real commitment to laziness to "hold it" for a week at a time! PS - don't you think this sloth looks a lot like a furry turtle with a bad toupee? Or is that just me?

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Sharing 2 of 9
    These two are sharing what appears to be a shoot or a piece of a plant. Leaves and other foliage are what sloths usually eat, however, they are known to supplement their diet sometimes with insects or small reptiles! What? How do you go from eating leaves to eating reptiles? And how would a sloth catch a reptile? These things trouble me.

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Hugging 3 of 9
    I guess it's cute that the baby is hugging his mother, but he's not so cute with that entire mouth full of tongue he has.

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Dating 4 of 9
    I think this sloth is bringing a bouquet of leaves for his date. He is sitting there waiting for her. Hopefully he won't have to eat the leaves while he waits, because it's not like his date will be moving quickly to get there..

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Cross-Eyed 5 of 9
    This sloth is smiling because he probably doesn't know he's ugly and cross-eyed. That, or he's just simple-minded. Hard to say..

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Crazy 6 of 9
    This guy is smiling for no good reason. If he had any sense, he'd realize that cat is about to go bat crap crazy if he doesn't let go immediately..

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Oh Hey! 7 of 9
    Oh Hey!
    I guess hanging onto the tree with three limbs instead of fours constitutes exercise if you're a sloth..

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Smiling 8 of 9
    Pretty sure this sloth is smiling because he figured out how to see more cleavage without getting in trouble. He'll just feign innocence if this woman gets mad..

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page
  • Bowl of Babies 9 of 9
    Bowl of Babies
    I am assuming that this is a bowl of babies that was collected off the ground since apparently the sloth mothers' slogan, when if comes to not losing your babies is "Ain't nobody got time for that.".

    Photo Credit - Sloths! Facebook page

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