Smart Papillon Pleads The Fifth On Peeing Indoors

Smart Chihuahua Pleads The Fifth On Peeing IndoorsGuilty dog videos are funny.  Even though there are some dogs you feel kind of sorry for because they are just that guilty. The dog in this video isn’t exactly feeling badly after peeing indoors.

That’s right, this little Papillon isn’t letting feelings of regret encapsulate him. On the contrary, after his misdeed was discovered, he booked it out of the room as if to plead the fifth. If he just stood strong the way his sibling did and gave a blank look when questioned, he might have gotten away with it. But he is what I suspect you might consider a serial offender in the puddle department.

He does fess up at the very end…. from the safety of the other side of the window pane.

Aw, he’s a cute fella, I think we can forgive him, as long as he repents by promising to use his doggy door next time!

Watch the video here:

As pointed out by savvy readers, this cute lil pup is, in fact, a papillon, not a chihuahua, as originally stated. We have since corrected the breed.

Image: YouTube 

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