Smart Dogs: 20 Adorable Photos of Dogs Wearing Glasses

Dogs in Glasses

You know what you can do to make your dog look smarter? Put a pair of glasses on him.

While one would probably think that a dog wearing eye-wear is an unusual and unique thing to witness,  you would be wrong, very, very wrong. Apparently four eyed Fidos are a thing with hundreds of images of dogs donning glasses on the internet and in personal photo collections along with not one but two Tumblr pages dedicated to the phenomenon.

So why are dogs wearing glasses so popular? Because the photos are fricken’ adorable! Check out twenty of the cutest pups wearing glasses, sunglasses and even a monocle.

  • Big Glasses 1 of 19
    Big Glasses
    These glasses are far too big for this little pup. But he does know a good place to shop.
    Source: Dogs Wearing Glasses
  • Wire Rimmed Glasses 2 of 19
    Wire Rimmed Glasses
    These glasses look oddly natural on this pup!
    Source: My Funny Pics
  • Statement 3 of 19
    These retro sunglasses? Yeah, they make a statement, a statement of adorableness.
    Source: Funny Fidos
  • Coke Bottle Glasses 4 of 19
    Coke Bottle Glasses
    For the dog that has serious vision problems.
    Source: Dory Beach
  • All That Fur 5 of 19
    All That Fur
    With all that fur, you can't even see the dogs' eyes through its fur.
    Source: Funny Fidos
  • The Over The Glasses Stare 6 of 19
    The Over The Glasses Stare
    This dog looks serious. Really serious.
    Source: > Dogs Wearing Glasses
  • Deep in Thought 7 of 19
    Deep in Thought
    This dog seems totally deep in thought.
    Source: My Opera
  • The Smart Dog 8 of 19
    The Smart Dog
    This dog looks so smart, like he has a PHD or two.
    Source: Grist
  • Sleeping Dog 9 of 19
    Sleeping Dog
    The hound dog fell asleep with his glasses on.
    Source: Dogs Wearing Glasses
  • The Harry Potter Dog 10 of 19
    The Harry Potter Dog
    Yes, this is a dog dressed as Harry Potter.
    Source: Animals with Glasses
  • Sunglasses 11 of 19
    Yeah, this dog is cool. Super cool.
    Source: Dogs Wearing Glasses
  • Monocle 12 of 19
    A pug with a monocle. Yes, it doesn't get better than that.
    Source: Dogs Wearing Glasses
  • Posing 13 of 19
    This dog knows how to strike a pose.
    Source: Dogs Wearing Glasses
  • The Reading Dog 14 of 19
    The Reading Dog
    It's like he was up all night studying.
    Source: Jane Reiger Blog
  • Orange Boo Awesomeness 15 of 19
    Orange Boo Awesomeness
    This photo is perfect.
    Source: Pet Smiles
  • Oversized Frames 16 of 19
    Oversized Frames
    Just like a Hollywood starlet.
    Source: Dogs With
  • Professor Poodle 17 of 19
    Professor Poodle
    This poodle looks like she is ready to hold class.
    Source: Spots Dog Care
  • Biting the Glasses 18 of 19
    Biting the Glasses
    That ain't no chew toy!
    Source: Free Wall Papers
  • Cool Dog 19 of 19
    Cool Dog
    This dog is like so cool.
    Source: Animals with Glasses



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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