Snake! What Is…Something You Don’t Want to See on an Airplane?

Snake! What You Don't Want To Find Under Your Seat.
This is not the actual kind of snake from the plane, but it might as well have been as far as I am concerned.

A snake on the loose, slithering under the seats on an airplane?  No thank you.  But that is just what passengers got when they flew from Mexico to Scotland.  Upon landing in Scotland, crew discovered an 18-inch snake (that is a foot and half, friends)!  Said snake was from the Dryadophis family and not venomous.  Just so you know, Dryadophis is not a family to whom the snake belonged, but a type of snake (no, of course I didn’t think it was a family name when I first read it).

According to The Guardian, the crew of the airplane very calmly (kudos) removed the snake before there was any kind of problem on board.  It is believed that the snake either snuck on before take-off or hid in someone’s hand luggage.  Because the snake came from Mexico, he was named Furtivo, which means “sneak” in Spanish.  According to the Scottish SPCA (who took possession of the snake), while Furtivo is not dangerous, he is “feisty.”  The Soceity will keep Furtivo until a proper home can be found.

Okay then, those were the facts of the story.  I believe there needs to be some follow up questions answered.

1.  How was there not a total freak out when the snake was discovered?  All those crew members and passengers stayed calm?
2.  What do you mean “snuck on” or “hid in someone’s hand luggage?”  A snake doesn’t just get in your bag out of nowhere or sashay through the airport.
3.  “Feisty?”  What the heck does that mean?  That sounds a lot like that snake would be glad to bite you even though it can’t actually kill you.

I don’t want to seem paranoid, but I am a little bit worried this snake incident is part of the whole “animals are taking over the world” thing I have been telling you about.  Just remember, you heard it here first.


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