Sometimes You Get Presents, Sometimes You Are the Present

Sometimes You Get Presents, Sometimes You Are the PresentIt holiday time!  It’s the time of year when people are very excited to pick out the perfect gifts for their friends and family.  Sometimes the perfect gift is the much pined-for pet.  Sometimes the perfect gift is actually for the pet.

Personally, I think pets prefer to get presents instead of being presents (it’s cramped in the box), but you can check out the pictures below and decide for yourself.  Note, there are not too many cats wrapped as gifts because they are a little less amused (read willing to cooperate) than dogs with that kind of stuff.







  • Present-Savvy Dog 1 of 10
    Present-Savvy Dog
    This dog's look of resignation tells us that he know if he wants those presents, he's gotta wear the Christmas collar and not try to gnaw it off.

    Photo Credit - Foothills Animal Shelter
  • Cat in the Box 2 of 10
    Cat in the Box
    Kind of like Cat in the Hat, but a box instead. And without a cat that thinks screaming, ill-behaved children are fun.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Socialite Dog 3 of 10
    Socialite Dog
    You can tell this is a fancy dog by the professionally posed picture and the expensive looking gifts. If you look closely, despite the jaunty Santa hat, this doxie looks a little stern. He is trying to convey that he has no intention of sharing his bike, so everyone should keep away.

    Photo Credit - Life With Arie
  • For Real? 4 of 10
    For Real?
    This dog is looking around to see if she's being punked. That is the only explanation for why someone thinks she's going to squish into this box to be a gift.

    Photo Credit - dogtipper
  • Big Gift, Little Gift 5 of 10
    Big Gift, Little Gift
    If this cute dog is in the big box, what do you think is in the smaller box? I'm guessing either hamster or frog. And PS, why is it still trapped in the box?

    Photo Credit - Pet Hooligans
  • Paws Off 6 of 10
    Paws Off
    This dog seems a little concerned that someone is trying to steal his presents. There's probably kids around or something. They're like that.

    Photo Credit - Presents for Pets
  • Kinda Lame 7 of 10
    Kinda Lame
    A bow on top of the turtle's shell? That's the best they could do to show this turtle was a gift? And you can't just leave a turtle walking around under the tree with the other gifts. No one is going to want a gift that the new turtle pooped on. Just saying.

    Photo Credit - / BethAnn Mayberry
  • Christmas Morning Dog 8 of 10
    Christmas Morning Dog
    This dog has made his way out of his wrappings and his only question is "Did you open me in time for breakfast? I'm hungry. I've been in that box all night."

    Photo Credit - The Salem News
  • Gun Shy Dog 9 of 10
    Gun Shy Dog
    You can tell by the slight grimace, that this dog is a little worried that his present is going to be yet another vest, or worse, a sweater.

    Photo Credit - Randy Robertson/Flickr
  • Puss in Boots 10 of 10
    Puss in Boots
    Well, really puss in stocking, but you get the idea. This cat is totally adorbz, but he can't be happy to have been left "by the chimney with care" all night long waiting for Christmas morning.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo

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