Starving and Abandoned, Thousands of Horses Are Victims of Drought

Image Credit: Flickr/dvogler3

As the United States continues to suffer through one of the worst droughts in memory nearly three-quarters of the country is currently feeling the effects of the drought we’ve heard plenty of stories about rising food prices, rising gas prices (because the cost of ethanol is rising due to corn crops effected by the drought) but we’ve only recently begun hearing about the latest victims of the drought: horses.

Across the southwest and midwest, hundreds of thousands of horses are being turned loose to fend for themselves because the owner can no longer afford to feed them.

According to the New York Times, hay already cost more than five times what it did ten years ago BEFORE the drought. So owners see no alternative to just letting the horses go feral and fend for themselves. Horse rescue organizations such as Four Corners Equine Rescue are struggling to save the horses but are bucking under the strain (you can donate to Four Corners here).

However, not every story for these lost horse is unhappy. Recently one of those rescued horses was found and returned to her original owner after being stolen over ten years ago. Hopefully, more happy stories will happen as these horses continue to be rescued. And let’s all pray for rain.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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