Stowaway Cat Is Home Safe and Sound After Surprise Disney Trip

Why is the suitcase meowing?

A cat who was accidentally packed in a suitcase, enduring a 10-hour trip to Disney World, is now back home safe and sound, reports Ohio’s Circleville Herald.

Bob-Bob, a 14-month-old cat, received national attention last week after he snuck into a suitcase, made it through screening at Port Columbus International Airport and was loaded into an airplane for a flight to Orlando. Presumably the security screeners are either so busy counting how many ounces of shampoo I bring on board, or so jaded from seeing so much whack stuff go through, that a live cat seemed like no big deal.

A representative from the Transportation Security Administration told ABC News, “we would not necessarily have the ability to look for or identify a pet if it were inside a checked bag.” Seriously? They can see my boobs when I go through security, but they can’t see a live animal in a checked bag? And you thought Snakes on a Plane could never happen.

Dude. You were so wrong.

It could totally happen, people.

Bob-Bob’s owner, Ethel Maze, runs a residential care home for disabled veterans. She was packing for an annual group vacation  for the veterans (and accompanying volunteers) to Disney World when Bob-Bob secretly stowed himself away in her suitcase.

Mike Groleau, who handled the bags for the group, told the Herald that said he thought he saw the suitcase wiggle, but went ahead and loaded it along with the other bags.

Southwest Airlines waived the $75 ticket price for the cat for the return trip, and Bob-Bob made the journey back with much less drama–in a carrier by Mrs. Maze’s feet.

“Now, he’s just playing,” Mrs. Maze told the Herald.  “You wouldn’t know anything happened to him. We keep telling him he’s a celebrity now.”

(Photo Credit: ABC News, imdb, iStockphoto)

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