Summer Travel Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The summer time is a great time for travel. Access to time off from work, the cool summer breeze in our faces and the Vitamin D in the air urging us to explore and get out into the world often convinces us to do some sort of travel. Whether we’re going for a day trip or a week long getaway, as pet owners there are a few extra precautions we need to take into consideration when we’re out exploring the world.

According to the Travel Industry Association of America, approximately 30 million people travel with pets each year. Over 49 percent of U.S. adult leisure travelers consider their pet to be part of the family and 18 percent of U.S. adult leisure travelers usually take their pets with them when they travel. With those statistics, it’s safe to say there will be a lot more pets on the road this summer as we go on our adventures, and their safety is an important part of preparing for our our trips.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co, one of the largest provider of pet health insurance, reminds us that as pet owners, preparation is the key to ensuring a fun and safe vacation.

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    Summer Travel Safety Tips for Pet Owners

    Take extra precautions and keep these tips in mind before you travel with your pets this summer. 

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    Carry with you (or have on your smart phone) a recent photo of your pets. This way, in case they get lost somehow during your vacation, you'll have a recent photo for others to help you on your search. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co also recommends carrying your pets' recent vaccination records as well.

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    Our pets are susceptible to heat stroke and other sun related issues so choosing the best times to play outside is helpful. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co recommends you choose early morning or late evening flights to avoid temperature extremes that may affect your pet.

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    Make sure that part of your planning includes finding pet-friendly places to stay. There are a lot of campgrounds and hotels that offer extra things for those traveling with pets. 

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    Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. recommends that you make sure your pet is wearing identification at all times in case she becomes separated or lost. Before leaving you should also double-check that your pet's ID tag is up-to-date, durable, legible and includes your mobile phone number.

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    While no one wants travel delays, sometimes they are not preventable and not predictable. Don't get yourself into a situation where you're stuck for some extra time without enough food for you and your pets. Be sure to pack extra just in case a delay occurs. 

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    If something does happen to your pet while you're traveling, you don't want to be scrambling to figure out what to do. Before you leave, look up vets and vet hospitals in or near where you will be and have their numbers handy in your phone for those just in case emergencies. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. suggests that you log not only the phone number but driving directions and distance as well.

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