Super Hamster Chomps Down On Huge Breadstick In Seconds (Video)

images (6)My older girls have been bugging me for a hamster, but I keep saying no. I don’t deny their request because I dislike hamsters, either. A few years ago we had the cutest, most adorable teddy bear hamster named Ralph. He was a good lil fella. He’d sleep a lot and let us pet him often, never biting. Once a day, he’d crawl into his ball and take it across the living room for exercise. He was an all around good guy, that Ralph, and he lived about three years.

But now we have a bunch more animals than we did back then. We only had one cat when Ralph lived with us. Now we have two dogs, three cats, two turtles, two frogs, and seven fish. So you see, my pet duties take up quite a bit of daily maintenance. The absolute last thing I want right now is a hamster.

Then I happened upon this really cute video and it instantly took me back to the cuteness of Ralph.

This happy hamster is chewing on a very large, no huge,  breadstick. His crunching and munching are cute but his ability to not only eat a stick of that size, but practically inhale it, is a feat by any means. (If you see how far he sticks it into the back of his cheeks though, it just might make you cringe.)

Watch the video here.


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