Surviving A Multi-Pet Household: Meet My Pets

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Django, just one of our 16 pets

I’ve always had pets. Ever since I can remember we had a dog and a few cats so it makes sense that in my adulthood, my husband and I have never been without at least one pet.

Our first pet was Jason, a temperamental, fluffy orange tabby who was so constantly miffed that he would jump up and attack us. He calmed down over the years, especially after we introduced two new kittens into his perfect world. But having a few animals of the same type is slightly different than having a few different types of pets.

While it started out with just one cat, we now have 16 pets. Rest assured, we’re not animal hoarders (7 of these guys are goldfish!)

All of our furry children were adopted and/or rescued, and had difficult lives.

Here’s our ‘other children’:

  • Django 1 of 8
    Django came to us from North Shore Animal League. She is a lab mix who is thought to have been born in the south and rescued from a puppy mill. When I first saw her, she was a quiet, mushy, black lab that stared at us with those "take me home" eyes. She is the absolute sweetest pup in the whole wide world. No joke. Read the full story of Django's adoption here.
  • Hayley 2 of 8
    Where to begin with Hayley? We adopted her from a North Shore Adoption van that conveniently parked outside our building 7 years ago. She was matted, not potty trained (although she was 3 or 4 years old) had ticks and was completely afraid of everything and everyone. She has an inch long scar at the top of her head and I shudder to think of what she lived through before we found her. In the beginning, we couldn't even scratch our heads without her screeching in fear thinking we were going to hit her. It's been a long road. She is now one pampered and very happy old lady.
  • Cloe 3 of 8
    Cloe is the definite diva in our home. Often perturbed looking, she is a huge black and white kitty who went from having OCD for cleanliness to having an obsession for food. She is less than immaculate now which probably explains her often disturbed expression. She was born in a yard and rescued by the same woman who brought us Lily. We answered an ad for a kitten and the woman asked us if we could possibly take in an older cat as well....
  • Lily 4 of 8
    Lily is beautiful. She came to us at the age of 2 when the same cat rescuer who brought us Cloe found her. She has had damage to her left eye which is brown while her right is green. She has a significant head twitch but is total love.
  • Baby 5 of 8
    Baby was found by my daughter's friend's mom in an alley in a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn. It took her at least a year to warm up to all of us; she was very much a street cat with a survivalist attitude. Now she can't stop rubbing up on us and meowing every chance she gets.
  • Froggies 6 of 8
    These are two underwater frogs. They came to us courtesy of Petland Discounts back in the fall. One has stayed exactly the same size and the other (pictured on the bottom) has grown to be twice as big already. They happily coexist with the fish and enjoy jumping out of the net when I clean the tank. Their names are constantly changing. They have been known as Ben and Andrew, Billy and Billy Boy, and Mario and Luigi.
  • Leonardo and Rafael 7 of 8
    Leonardo and Rafael
    These red-eared slider turtles were a big surprise to me. After my son kept asking me for turtles for months (and me saying no each time), he went to the pet store one day with my husband who is obviously way nicer (or more delusional) than me. Hence, Leonardo and Rafael now reside in my son's room (and love each other, too!)
  • Goldfish 8 of 8
    They say goldfish die easily but not so with these guys. They only seem to be growing and growing, and eating more everyday.

Image: A. Sullivan

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