That’s Some Pig: 1000-Pound Pig Rescues Family Cat

This past September, there was a horrible fire in New Hampshire that swept though a barn at Perry Hill Farm. Fourteen horses and 3 cats were trapped inside.  It was believed all the animals had perished. However, not everyone thought that was true.  The farm’s 1000-pound pig, Colby, thought differently.  Colby, who is none too spry, is not known for wandering too far, but after the fire she headed off into the nearby woods and started sniffing around.  While some pigs sniff out truffles, Colby sniffed out Gumbo, one of the missing cats!  Gumbo was severely burned and unable to walk.  Had Colby not found him, he would have died in the woods.

While mourning the loss of 14 horses and 2 cats, Harriet and Elissa Finks (owners) are pleased to report that Gumbo is on the mend and is back home after being under a veterinarian’s care for a month.  Members of the community have formed a Fire Fund to help cover the costs of the damages.  More than that though, the community has bonded together to help the Finks and the many people who loved the farm and the horses heal from the trauma.  You can read more, and/or make a donation on the Perry Hill Farm Fire Fund Facebook page.

Check out the photos below of our hero Colby and his friend Gumbo.

  • Colby the Rescuer 1 of 5
    Colby the Rescuer
    As you can see, it doesn't look like Colby is a marathon runner. She's more of a relaxer.
  • Colby Snacking 2 of 5
    Colby Snacking
    Look how far the woods are from where Colby eats and hangs out. She was really determined to help.
  • Colby and Friend 3 of 5
    Colby and Friend
    It seems everyone at the farm loves Colby.
  • Well-Earned Rest 4 of 5
    Well-Earned Rest
    Look how cute Colby looks asleep in her pen!
  • Gumbo 5 of 5
    While Gumbo looks a little worse-for-wear here, she is doing well and healing.

Photo Gallery photos from the Perry Hill Farm Fire Fund Facebook page.
Featured Photo – Movie Poster Charlotte’s Web, Paramount Pictures

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