What Are The Most Popular Dog Names?

What Are the Most Popular Dog Names?

Have you ever yelled the name Max at the dogpark and had several dogs come running to you? According to Vetstreet, Max is the most common name for male dogs. From German Shepherds to Yorkshire Terriers, the name Max reigns supreme.

The most surprising finding was the number one pick for female dogs.  What name do you think won that coveted spot?

Bella! Yes, the Twilight-inspired name was number one for each of the top ten breeds, and it’s a name that’s grown increasingly popular with humans too, coming in at number 26 on the list for most popular baby names of 2011.

Check out what other pets names made the list!

  • Chihuahua 1 of 10
    Of course, the Chihuahua list would be adorable! Peanut and Gizmo are just so cute!
    Top Boy Name: Chico
    Runner Ups: Max, Peanut, Buddy and Gizmo
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Chloe, Daisy, Princess and Coco
    Image Source: Dog Family
  • Labrador Retriever 2 of 10
    Labrador Retriever
    Labs tend to have strong yet approachable names. The number one boy name is "Buddy," which sounds like it would belong to a kind animal. Other names such as Duke, Molly and Daisy seem more playful and complement a lab's friendly temperament.
    Top Boy Name: Buddy
    Runner Ups: Max, Bear, Duke and Jake.
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Molly, Daisy, Lucy and Sadie
    Image Source: My Dog Training
  • American Pit Bull Terrier 3 of 10
    American Pit Bull Terrier
    Blue may not be as masculine a name as Zeus or Rocky (the runner-ups), but it's appropriate. American Pit Bull Terriers tend to have a bluish tint to their fur.
    Boy Name: Blue
    Runner Ups: Zeus, Diesel, Rocky and King
    Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Diamond, Princess, Roxy and Daisy

    Image Source: Wikipedia
  • German Shepherd 4 of 10
    German Shepherd
    German Shepherds are strong dogs often with equally strong names. It is a bit funny, though, that the name Max is popular with both Chihuahuas and German Shepherds!
    Top Boy Name: Max
    Runner Ups: Bear, Duke, Rocky and Zeus
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Sadie, Sasha, Daisy and Roxy
    Image Source: Pet Info
  • Yorkshire Terrier 5 of 10
    Yorkshire Terrier
    The Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable dog, so it's surprising that there weren't more cutesy names on the list.
    Boy Name: Max
    Runner Ups: Bentley, Charlie, Teddy and Gizmo
    Girl Name: Bella
    The runner-ups: Sophie, Chloe, Lucy and Zoey
    Image Source: Dog Breed Insight
  • Shih Tzu 6 of 10
    Shih Tzu
    Their faces are just as precious as their top names!
    Top Boy Name: Gizmo
    Runner Up: Max, Bentley, Oreo and Charlie
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Up Names: Sophie, Chloe, Lucy and Coco

    Image Source: Children Storytales
  • Boxer 7 of 10
    The boy Boxer names are well very boxer-ish. I'm referring, of course, to people who jump into the ring for a living. The girls' names are far more feminine.
    Boy Name: Rocky
    Runner Ups: Tyson, Max, Duke and Diesel
    Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Roxy, Daisy, Bailey and Lucy
    Image Source: Dog Breed Insight
  • Dachshund 8 of 10
    Oscar is the top name for dachshunds. Perhaps in tribute to Oscar Meyer's iconic hot dog shape? The other names are more generic.
    Boy Name: Oscar
    Runner Ups: Charlie, Max, Buddy and Cooper
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Daisy, Lucy, Molly and Sophie
    Image Source: CDNsters
  • Golden Retriever 9 of 10
    Golden Retriever
    Golden Retrievers are consistently recognized for their nice temperament. With names like Buddy, Cooper and Charlie, this list certainly reflects that.
    Top Boy Name: Max
    Runner Ups: Cooper, Buddy, Charlie and Bentley
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Lucy, Molly, Bailey and Maggie
    Image Source: Carthage Agriculture
  • Bulldog 10 of 10
    Why wouldn't these be the top names for bulldogs? So fitting!
    Top Boy Name: Tank
    Runner Ups: Diesel, Winston, Dozer and Max
    Top Girl Name: Bella
    Runner Ups: Lola, Daisy, Lucy and Stella

    Image Source: Dog Breed Info

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