The 13 Scariest Halloween Cats! (Photos)

The Scariest Halloween Cats! (Photos) via Babble
Maybe there is just cause for that whole ‘cats are spooky’ theory…

When I was little, my mother would pull out the cardboard Halloween decorations from the basement each year and decorate the house. It was an October tradition I loved. I enjoyed pulling the Scotch tape from the dispenser, yanking off a new piece to help hang the images of the witches, pumpkins and ghouls in the window just so.

One of my favorites was a tall and graceful black cat. It had a crafty, even deceptive look to its face, but it was in no way scary.

I have loved cats my whole life, and never identified with the concept of the scary cat but I did love seeing them played out in movies and Halloween stories. Now, I have my own cardboard black cat to hang in my window, and three pet cats. One is black and named (of all things) Baby, but she isn’t in the least bit scary (except maybe when I try to put some Frontline on her!).

But since Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to indulge ourselves and add to the spooky fun here at Babble Pets. Take a look at 13 spooky, gnarling, sinister felines who just might serve up some chills on Halloween night:


  • Seeing Stars 1 of 13
    Seeing Stars
    Am I not more frightening than an ordinary black cat?
    Image: Flickr/ Elmo Keep
  • Those Teeth 2 of 13
    Those Teeth
    ...are to eat you with my pretty.
    Image: Flickr/ ardumpln1
  • 50 Shades of Gray 3 of 13
    50 Shades of Gray
    I'm still getting over that one.
    Image: Flickr/ aSIMULAtor
  • Snow White 4 of 13
    Snow White
    Don't be fooled by my glorious white coat. And don't turn your back!
    Image: Flickr/ fabricatoregeorge
  • Classy Kitty 5 of 13
    Classy Kitty
    We are scary? Nonsense, check out those humans.
    Image: Flickr/ fueledbycoffee
  • Catching Prey 6 of 13
    Catching Prey
    Then I open my mouth this wide...
    Image: Flickr/ G A Jamieson
  • Pouncing 101 7 of 13
    Pouncing 101
    It only tales a second for me to be on your head with nails drawn.
    Image: Flickr/ j d r creations
  • Best of All Worlds 8 of 13
    Best of All Worlds
    Calicos rule, baby.
    Image: Flickr/ KiwiPatPhooey
  • Model Student 9 of 13
    Model Student
    Acquiring this scary face is a skill.
    Image: Flickr/ MyBrainHurts
  • The Eyes Have It 10 of 13
    The Eyes Have It
    I don't need to open my mouth.
    Image: Flickr/ orange_advan
  • Fancy Cat 11 of 13
    Fancy Cat
    C'mon, just look at us. Why do you think they chose black cats to represent fright?
    Image: Flickr/ Peter J Wilson
  • So What? 12 of 13
    So What?
    They photoshop you humans too, ya know?
    Image: Flickr/ santanartist
  • This Loud 13 of 13
    This Loud
    You should hear my's purrfect!
    Image: Flickr/ veansterr


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