The 15 Best Animal GIF’s on the Internet. You’re Welcome!

15 Best Animal GIF's on the Internet via Babble.comOh the Internet — what did we do before you? No other place on earth will you find everything and anything you need to know plus run into amazing creations made by people who have too much time on their hands.

That’s where animated GIF’s fit in. There are some totally lame ones and some bust out laughing great ones. Small animated clips usually manipulated to be something funnier or just an awesome snapshot in time that wouldn’t be the same in basic photo form.

Click through to see 15 of my personal favorite GIF’s on the internet & this is just a snapshot of the awesome out there:

  • Bounce. Bounce! 1 of 15
    Bounce. Bounce!
    This dog is practising for the Olympics.
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • Oh, Caught! 2 of 15
    Oh, Caught!
    The cat was caught wearing a bee costume. It took him by surprise.
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • Bunny Slide 3 of 15
    Bunny Slide
    Oh, did you just smile? How can you not watching this?
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • Water Break 4 of 15
    Water Break
    Serious cat needs a serious water break.
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • Wait. What? 5 of 15
    Wait. What?
    Did he just miss something? Why is everyone laughing?
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • Panda Chaos 6 of 15
    Panda Chaos
    Looks like toddler pandas are always on the run too.
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • The Many Faces 7 of 15
    The Many Faces
    There's just a lot of awesome happening here.
    GIF hosted on ICHC
  • Get It Human 8 of 15
    Get It Human
    The cat takes matters into his own hands... well, not his.
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Kitty Cuddle 9 of 15
    Kitty Cuddle
    Someone has found his perfect best friend. He's not letting him go.
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Backwards Slide 10 of 15
    Backwards Slide
    When playground play goes a little wrong. Watch out!
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Dance Beluga 11 of 15
    Dance Beluga
    Who knew they love the sound of trumpets and who knew they could move?
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Hedgehog Bath 12 of 15
    Hedgehog Bath
    So happy, so cute and fits perfectly into person hand.
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Quite the Jump 13 of 15
    Quite the Jump
    Bunny busts a move of intimidating height.
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Raspberry Lunch 14 of 15
    Raspberry Lunch
    He has a little something on his chin.
    GIF hosted on Imgur
  • Going Somewhere Mr, Penguin? 15 of 15
    Going Somewhere Mr, Penguin?
    this one kills me. Every time. It's so full of all things awesome I can't even explain.
    GIF hosted on Imgur

Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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