The 20 Most Adorable Halloween Costumes for Dogs on Etsy (Photos)

Do you dress your dog up for Halloween? We’ve rounded up the 20 most amazing dog costumes on Etsy to give you a little inspiration!

These costumes range from fairly simple (like an adorable, handmade crocheted hat for $20) to the extremely complex (like a pincushion costume with thimble hat, for $200).

If your pet is getting dressed up for Halloween, tell us what costume he or she is wearing! Check out these adorbz costumes below!

  • Chia Pet 1 of 20
    Ch-ch-ch-chia! No seeds needed.

    (Available at Lil' Lupita's Chic Boutique on Etsy, $52)
  • Ballerina 2 of 20
    I can't imagine there's a dog this wouldn't look good on.

    (Available at Charlie Hearts Diesel on Etsy, $32)
  • Batdog 3 of 20

    (Available at All You Need Is Pug on Etsy, $24)
  • Ewok 4 of 20
    Also works as a teddy bear hat.

    (Available at Handmade Monster on Etsy, $20)
  • Gnome 5 of 20
    Well, he's always hanging around on your lawn, anyway.

    (Available at Little Fashion Dog on Etsy, $42)
  • Harry Pawter 6 of 20
    Of all the Harry Potter dog costumes I've seen, I think I like this one the best.

    (Available at Gypsy Eyes Clothing on Etsy, $45)
  • Hermione 7 of 20
    Good news: All Hogwarts houses are available upon request, in case your dog's more of a Luna Lovegood.

    (Available at Gypsy Eyes Clothing on Etsy , $45)
  • Lion 8 of 20
    Roar. I'm extremely fierce.

    (Available at KO Couture on Etsy, $75)
  • Mario and Luigi 9 of 20
    Please tell me someone's going to do a whole-family Mario theme using these.

    (Available at Young Urban Puppy on Etsy , $34.50 each)
  • Yoshi 10 of 20
    Mario and Luigi's dinosaur friend.

    (Available at Gypsy Eyes Clothing on Etsy, $45)
  • Alien Monster 11 of 20
    For your furry little monster.

    (Available at Handmade Monster on Etsy, $38)
  • Pirate 12 of 20
  • Pilot 13 of 20
    Perfect for Halloween, or just for every-day hipster/steam punk use.

    (Available at All You Need Is Pug on Etsy, $30)
  • Pin Cushion 14 of 20
    This is an award winning costume (according to the Etsy page), as seen on Live With Kelly & Michael. Note that you're only allowed to buy this $120 if you're not a resident of New York City, because the creator takes small dog costume contests really, really seriously.

    (Available at Holly Hooker on Etsy, $120)
  • Pumpkin 15 of 20
    I look at this and all I can say is ERMAHGERD! PUMPKERN!

    (Available at Handmade Monster on Etsy, $20)
  • Snuggle Bunny 16 of 20
    If you have one of those tiny, shaky little dogs, you can keep it nice and toasty on Halloween in this Snuggle Bunny costume!

    (Available at Lil' Lupita's Chic Boutique on Etsy, $52)
  • Soldier 17 of 20
    Perfect for military families. Hooah!

    (Available at Young Urban Puppy on Etsy, $19.50)
  • Super Dog 18 of 20
    Other superheroes available.

    (Available at Sewing Art on Etsy, $45)
  • Waldo 19 of 20
    Hey! I see him! He's right there!

    (Available at cagedheat3 on Etsy, $40)
  • Yoda 20 of 20
    Ideal for wrinkly breeds like shar peis and pugs.

    (Available at Handmade Monster on Etsy , $20)

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