The 5 Best "Call Me Maybe" Animal Memes

The Best Animal "Call Me Maybe" Memes via Babble.comI love me a good pointless song and there is no doubt that the hit song of the summer is “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen — a fellow Canadian which is another bonus. This song plays all.the.time on the radio and is catchy enough for me to randomly find myself singing it in my head <<dang catchy song!>>

Of course with anything popular another thing I love is a good pointless meme to go along with the catchy tune. I think that’s when I knew this song was a sure thing — when the memes started up like crazy — and they are funny too.

Of course, our beloved pets can’t be left out of the fun! There are some totally funny spoof memes from this song sprinkling the internet with it’s awesome & I’ve rounded up the best.

Click through to see the 5 most popular “Call me Maybe” memes for animals:

  • I’m a Dingo 1 of 5
    I'm a Dingo
    Classic line! This is the first animal call me meme I saw and it still gives me a bit of a smile.
    Photo hosted on ICHC Network
  • Yes, This is Dog 2 of 5
    Yes, This is Dog
    Oh dog you're so popular even Maybe is calling.
    Photo hosted on ICHC Network
  • I Just Bit You 3 of 5
    I Just Bit You
    This one is my favorite out of the bunch. It's just too funny.
    Photo hosted on ICHC Network
  • I’m Your Kitten 4 of 5
    I'm Your Kitten
    Can you beat a sweet kitten face and a funny rhyme telling is to do it's will?
    Photo hosted on ICHC Network
  • Squirrel 5 of 5
    I love this movie and Doug is one of the best characters. He is just so ... squirrel !
    Photo hosted on ICHC Network

Photo credit: modified image hosted on ICHC Network

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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