The Corgis’ Christmas Wish List

My corgis Ty and Eve get spoiled every holiday. Naught or nice, Santa always seems to do well by them!

The corgis are pretty easy to please, but they do have their favorite items. Ty loves toys of all kinds, especially balls, and Eve is happy with anything that involves food. Both enjoy interactive toys and games.

Here is the corgi’s wishlist for this Christmas and what they will likely be getting as gifts.

  • Naughty or Nice Corgi 1 of 9

    A recurring theme each year on the Puppy on a Roomba Facebook page is Ty's concern that Santa knows he has been naughty. Somehow though it all always works out and Santa comes to pay a visit.

  • Holiday Pet Apparel 2 of 9

    Ty and Eve enjoy photo shoots in their latest and greatest apparel. I'm betting that the humans around get the most enjoyment out of the apparel, while the dogs simply love the plethora of treats that accompany any photo session.  

  • Interactive Toys and Games 3 of 9

    Brain Games are a wonderful way to keep your pet active and engaged. Ty loves his pet finder game and every year the dogs get a new game or toy that will challenge them in some way. 

  • A Gift of Treat Balls 4 of 9

    Treat balls are another type of brain game that will keep your pet entertained and challenged. They can also be a great way to slow down a pet that eats too fast. If treats can fall out of it, Eve wants it for Christmas! 

  • Never Enough Toys 5 of 9

    Ty is a hoarder. He gathers his toys in a pile and then sleeps by them. He simply can't get enough of balls and floppy toys. This year he wants even more of them.  

  • Tasty Holiday Snacks 6 of 9

    Ty and Eve would probably be happy if all they got for Christmas was beef and bacon. However, they normally will have to be content with some special grain-free treats.  Santa might slip them a bit of bacon though if they are good.

  • Dr. Becker for the Holidays 7 of 9

    While they might wish for bacon, the corgis will likely get their meat in a healthier version. Dr. Becker's Bites are the corgi's new favorite snack, and they happen to be darn healthy too. I'm guessing that there will be a bag or two showing up for them at the holidays.  


    Buy them at Dr Becker's Website, $13.50

  • More Tennis Balls 8 of 9

    I gave up trying to count the number of  balls we have. Nevertheless, Ty can't ever seem to have enough of them and is sure to get even more this year.  

  • Santa is on the Way! 9 of 9

    Santa will be coming. Merry Christmas everyone!

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