The Cutest Thing You’ll See! Watch an Anteater Fall Asleep [Video]

The Cutest Thing You'll See! Watch an Anteater Fall Asleep [Video]You guys! I think I found the cutest thing ever — well, that’s not a cat.

If you’ve ever seen an anteater, chances are you took a look — got weirded out about it’s funny nose and went on with your day. That’s how I would describe my first view of an anteater — and pretty much ever time since.

Then, I came across a video uploaded to YouTube from Fabiversity with an anteater named Adolpho. He’s just as weird and strange looking as every other anteater, but he and he alone made me fall in love with this animal.

All because he hugged his handler and well, fell asleep on his shoulder.

Check out this video of Adolpho falling asleep and try not to squee from the cute:

Photo: modified screenshot from Fabiversity /YouTube
Video source:  Fabiversity/YouTube 


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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