The Dark Pet Rises: 18 Animals Dressed as Batman Characters

I'm Catman.

What the world needs now, is love, sweet, love more animals dressed as Batman characters. Or at least that’s totally what I need right now.  It’s also what my Pinterest boards need, as it turns out. Because really, what is the point of Pinterest if not to pin LOLcats?

Yeah, I guess some people are going to pin pictures of dinners they might make. There’s not a lot of pins for fish sticks and frozen pizza, though. So I’m more pinning cute animals and totally made-up diagrams of my craptastic DNA.

Anyway, with Dark Knight Rises out in theaters tomorrow, what better time to check out (and pin) photos of various animals dressed as Batman characters? It’s obviously a much better use of your time than laundry.


You’re welcome.

  • Mommy never plays favorites, why? 1 of 18
    Mommy never plays favorites, why?
    Of course Robin is just as important as Batman, honey. Now bring me the paper.

    (Photo Credit: Awesomenator)
  • Built-in costume. 2 of 18
    Built-in costume.
    Always ready for Comic-Con.

    (Photo Credit: eBay forums)
  • I’m Batman. 3 of 18
    I'm Batman.
    No, srsly.

    (Photo Credit: Hugs and Keepsakes)
  • Na na na na na na na na 4 of 18
    Na na na na na na na na
    Batpig! Batpig! Batpig!

    (Photo Credit: Guinea Pig Cages)
  • The Bat Cave 5 of 18
    The Bat Cave
    comes fully equipped with jet-propulsion hamster wheel. It's awesome.

    (Photo Credit: Holy Taco)
  • Batman on a stick. 6 of 18
    Batman on a stick.
    Simple, yet effective.

    (Photo Credit: Just Jori)
  • Cheapest Halloween costume ever. 7 of 18
    Cheapest Halloween costume ever.
    Until your mask claws the crap out of you. Then it could get expensive, depending on your ER copay.

    (Photo Credit: Irene's Internet)
  • Bat-Meerkat is always on the lookout. 8 of 18
    Bat-Meerkat is always on the lookout.
    You never know when Joker-Meerkat is going to show up.

    (Photo Credit: Worth1000)
  • Caped crusaders will find out who stole the bread off the counter. 9 of 18
    Caped crusaders will find out who stole the bread off the counter.
    It certainly wasn't us. Pretty sure it was the Penguin.

    (Photo Credit: WNYwoman)
  • I’m Catman. 10 of 18
    I'm Catman.
    "Alfred, I'm going to need some laser guns, some wet food, and a nap."

    (Photo Credit: Pwnzone)
  • I’m Catwoman. 11 of 18
    I'm Catwoman.
    Your stereotypes are invalid.

    (Photo Credit: Simply Living Our Life)
  • You go ahead, Superman. 12 of 18
    You go ahead, Superman.
    Imma just chill here at the Batcave for a while.

    (Photo Credit: Hugs and Keepsakes)
  • Why so serious? 13 of 18
    Why so serious?
    These cats are seriously going to kill you.

    (Photo Credit: Favim)
  • Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? 14 of 18
    Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
    Nah, me neither. It scares me out there at night. I sleep on my people's bed.

    (Photo Credit: Fork Party)
  • Bat-Dog is fierce. 15 of 18
    Bat-Dog is fierce.
    Although totally skeeved by the Penguin's sewer lair. Because eeeew.

    (Photo Credit: A Place to Love Dogs)
  • Where is my motorcycle? 16 of 18
    Where is my motorcycle?
    They always give the kid the good toys.

    (Photo Credit: Old School Rules)
  • I can haz another bat treat? 17 of 18
    I can haz another bat treat?
    Alfred, fetch me another.

    (Photo Credit: A Place to Love Dogs)
  • Superkid has excellent back-up. 18 of 18
    Superkid has excellent back-up.
    Is pissed that Wonder Woman didn't bring her invisible jet, though.

    (Photo Credit: Memerial)

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