The Dog Days of Summer: 9 Cute Dogs Braving the Summer Solstice

This week has been ridiculous for the heat — like crazy humid and I am so over it already. I hear that this heat wave is supposed to last a bit longer, so I guess I may as well just try and get used to it and keep as comfortable as I can.

Our dog friends have an interesting way of keeping cool — they use their tongue to pant. The air passes over their saliva and cools them down and on super hot days like we’re getting with the summer solstice, you will see a lot of doggies with their tongues out.

Click through to see 9 cute dogs who are staying cool with their tongues out:

  • Buddy 1 of 9
    These two look like quite the pair.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Passed Out 2 of 9
    Passed Out
    He was too tired to even put is tongue back in.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Drink Please? 3 of 9
    Drink Please?
    Hard to say no to those cute eyes & the tongue out is just a bonus
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Shady Spot 4 of 9
    Shady Spot
    Smart puppy keeping cool under the shade.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Protective 5 of 9
    Adorable dog keeping his kitten friend shaded from the sun.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Nap Time 6 of 9
    Nap Time
    This poor guy looks overheated, thristy and in need of a nap.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Just. So. Hot 7 of 9
    Just. So. Hot
    There are no words. That is one HUGE tongue.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Pool Time? 8 of 9
    Pool Time?
    Even though it's hot & his tongue is keeping him cool, he still wants to play!
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • I’m On a Boat! 9 of 9
    I'm On a Boat!
    Scared, hot? I don't know , but he is on a boat -- good summertime activity.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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