The Fashion-Forward Way to Show You Love Your Dog

As we have discussed before (Pawprint Accessories), you want to be careful when choosing clothing and accessories that showcase your love for your dog. You want to choose items that say, “I am hip and cool and totally dig my dog.” You do not want to choose items that say, “Please secretly take my picture and put it on Facebook for your friends to make fun of.”

I have found a surefire way to keep you in the former category. Fuzzy Nation. Their motto is “Specializing in doggie love across the globe.” They have the most awesome bags, wallets, keychains, slippers…the list is endless. All of their things have dogs featured on them, and there are 30 different breeds you can choose from. And, if you want to spend a few extra dollars, they will even put a picture of your dog on the item of your choosing. The whole web site is so coo! They even have stuff for each season picture your dog in a scarf or dressed for summer on the front of your hip new handbag.

You can order online directly from Fuzzy Nation or you can check out a lot of their things at Macy’s. The good thing about Macy’s is that if it’s on sale and you have a coupon, the price can’t be beat. But if you want to you use your own dog’s picture, you’ll have to do that online.

Click through to see some of Fuzzy Nation’s coolest items.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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