The Fabulous Flying Rovers: 20 Cool Pictures Of Dogs In Flight

Flying. Not jumping.

For a long time now, I’ve suspected that something strange was going on in the dog world.

Something odd was afoot, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. With my two black labs, Max and Milo, I would be walking them down in some remote canyon or through some forest somewhere and they would disappear around a bend only to re-appear a few minutes later, out of breath and panting.

I wondered what the deal was. Did they have some secret they weren’t telling me?

I would stare into their dark eyes and look for signs of something, anything to give me a little clue as to what they were up to when no one was around to see. How were they gone from me, their almighty master, for such a short time and then returning to my side so happy and tuckered out?

A few years went by.

I couldn’t buy a clue. I had no idea what was happening.

And then one day, I happened around a curve on an old logging road just as Max was crashing back into the dust of the lane. From the sky. I couldn’t believe it. I mean I had always be a witness to him and Milo making some spectacular leaps, but I had always just assumed that that was exactly what they were doing…they were jumping. All dogs did it. Every dog loved to jump up in the air for fun.

But when it all hit me that day, that my dogs were actually flying, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. A huge mystery had been solved. Now I knew.

Some dogs, lots of dogs as a matter of fact, can fly.

I know what you’re thinking: this guy is nutso. And I understand. But, go ahead and laugh, because I am a believer, man. After so many years of watching dogs soar through the air after a Frisbee in the park or off a dock over a lake, I am now one of the very few who realizes that these guys aren’t just jumping! They’re actually flying!

How can I convince you that man’s best friend has long been flirting with the art of flight? I racked my brain, trying to come up with a way.

But, as it turned out….I came up with 20 of ’em.


  • Reason To Fly 1 of 20
    Reason To Fly
    Most dogs don't need a reason to want to fly. It's just part of their DNA. Give them a little fresh air, and maybe just a little room to take off, and they're off.
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  • From The Back Porch To The Moon 2 of 20
    From The Back Porch To The Moon
    Sure, they don't have wings. But that's just a technicality. No one ever said that flight had to last real long. It's all a matter of heart and energy and imagination.
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  • Blast Off! 3 of 20
    Blast Off!
    Some people would argue that dogs aren't really flying. They say that they're just jumping. But, I tend to disagree.
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  • A Dog Named Hovercraft 4 of 20
    A Dog Named Hovercraft
    Flying dogs don't necessarily need to be high above us, circling a cloud like a buzzard or something. A lot of canines simply enjoy gliding just above the ground.
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  • Rocket Man 5 of 20
    Rocket Man
    Then again, some pups like to do it like a rocket ship. And that's understandable. I mean, there can't be a feeling quite like shooting straight up into space, huh?
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  • Show Off 6 of 20
    Show Off
    There are shy dogs, dogs who tend to keep to themselves. They usually do their flying when there aren't many people or other dogs around. But then there are the show offs. Those guys love an audience.
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  • Perfect Form Is What I Got 7 of 20
    Perfect Form Is What I Got
    Dogs are pretty graceful animals, but achieving that perfect flying form isn't easy. It takes years of practice and it helps to watch and learn from an old master. But when things finally click...look out!
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  • The View From Up Here 8 of 20
    The View From Up Here
    When the atmosphere is just right and the winds are are at their back, certain dogs can really soar. It's a magical thing to witness, if you're lucky enough to be there.
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  • Flying Is Dreaming Is Making You Smile 9 of 20
    Flying Is Dreaming Is Making You Smile
    I can't think of too many things that can make me as happy as seeing an airborne pooch. If you are fast enough with your eye, or your camera, you'll always catch them smiling. They just can't help it.
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  • Something Fast And Awesome 10 of 20
    Something Fast And Awesome
    For a lot of dogs, flying is something that they need to do on the quick, when they have their yard time. You need to be diligent if you wanna see them do it, too, because one second everything seems perfectly normal, they're sniffing around some bushes or chewing on a favorite ball, and then the next second: BAM! They're in the sky. Turn your head and you'll likely miss it.
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  • Nothin’ But Shadows 11 of 20
    Nothin' But Shadows
    Probably the main reason that no one really believes that dogs can fly is that they really don't leave any evidence. Except for their shadows, their usually isn't much left behind to indicate that it happened. And shadows just don't cut it when it comes to proof.
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  • The Undeniable Proof 12 of 20
    The Undeniable Proof
    Every now and then though, someone gets that certain shot, that indisputable picture. And then it's kind of hard to argue with the facts. Still, lots of people continue too deny that dogs can fly. Oh well.
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  • Practical Soaring 13 of 20
    Practical Soaring
    Dogs mostly like to fly because they enjoy the rush and the thrill of the flight. But sometimes being able to fly for a while comes in handy too, like when the snow is deep and their paws are cold.
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  • Turn, Turn, Turn 14 of 20
    Turn, Turn, Turn
    To fly is one thing, but to do turns and spins mid-air is a whole other thing entirely. Yet, there are quite a few dogs who have mastered the art of changing direction up in the sky. It usually takes years of dedication to get it right, but it can be done.
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  • I Must Leave You Now 15 of 20
    I Must Leave You Now
    Another reason some dogs learn to fly, especially smaller guys, is to get out of dodge when the heat is on. When a bigger meaner dog is on their tail and the prospects for peaceful resolution seem distant at best, a swift takeoff and bolt across the horizon can save the whole darn day.
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  • The Ways Of The Wise 16 of 20
    The Ways Of The Wise
    In order to learn the magical art of flying, most dogs seek out a mentor to teach them. Watching an old master is always the best way to learn.
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  • Every Dog Has His Day 17 of 20
    Every Dog Has His Day
    Time and patience, commitment and study, those things always pay off in the end. And for wishful flyers, the payoff is really really sweet.
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  • Taken For Granted 18 of 20
    Taken For Granted
    Dog owners too often become blind to their best friend's flying powers. They toss a favorite ball or Frisbee in the air and watch flying go down right before their very own eyes, yet still: they call it jumping. This is a little unfair, I think. We need to give credit where credit is due.
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  • Love Is An Anchor 19 of 20
    Love Is An Anchor
    It's pretty simple really, when it comes to the question most non-believers ask. If dogs can fly, they say, how come they don't just take off and not come back. Well, I'll tell you why. It's because of love. Love is bigger than the sky, and better too, and dogs know that. They don't want to leave us. For anything. So they choose to land back at our feet almost every time they fly. They choose to be with us over anything else.
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  • For The Birds 20 of 20
    For The Birds
    Next time you are out in the world with your dog and he runs right into a pack of birds, never mind the old notions that he is 'chasing' his feathered friends. Try and see what is really happening. Your dog is begging them to show him how they do it. And birds...well, they're the biggest show-offs of them all when it comes to taking flight. But that's a story for another day.
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