The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Dog Riders Pet Costumes

Look, I know it’s not Halloween, but I seriously think that these Dog Riders from Paper Magic might be the single greatest pet accessory I’ve ever seen. Like, EVER. I mean, these costumes are good for basically every day wear, if you want your every day to be peppered by hilarious reactions from everyone you and your dog come in to contact with. Just make sure yours isn’t one of those pups who are sensitive to being pointed and cackled at. Totally in the good way.

  • And They’re Off! 1 of 5

    That's right buddy. You hold your head up high. Plus you look SUPER FAST. (Available HERE)

  • No, Stop. 2 of 5

    I can't even with this one. Tears, streaming down my face. (Available HERE)

  • Ride ‘Em Dogboy? 3 of 5

    I love the juxtaposition of how calm the dog is and how wild the cowboy is riding him. (Available HERE)

  • Go Postal 4 of 5

    Show the mail carrier whose side you\'re on when you make Fido carry around his tiny likeness. (Available HERE)

  • The Headless Dogman 5 of 5

    It seriously does not get old. (Available HERE)

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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