The Look Of Love: Pictures Of Puppies And Their Parents!

Family portrait

There is something pretty amazing about watching a mom or dad dog lean over a newborn pup and lick his face clean or nudge him to leave his sister alone.

In fact, parenthood has it’s various cults and cliques and they each have their place, but there are times when I swear that maybe we might all could do ourselves a favor and just watch dog families for a while.

That is, if we really want to learn a bit about the art of parenting and what really matters.

Dogs are loving, but they rarely spoil their pups.

A mama pooch’s eyes often reveal her deep undying patience, that’s for certain. But they also are quick to show a steady deliberate calm, a million year old resolute not to fawn over her young. Dog parents put their puppies first, but only to a point. They give them the necessary love they need to feel at ease in this crazy new world they’ve been dropped into, but they don’t typically smother them with excess affection to the point of softening them to life.

I like watching dogs. And I especially like watching new puppies hanging out with their moms and dads. Their is a wild and foreign kind of love at work there, a very strong and very different one from human love in a lot of ways. And a very similar one to ours in a lot of ways too.

I’m not certain that people can learn tons from dogs about parenting. Our jobs are infinitely different when it comes to that. But one thing I do know for sure. Seeing puppies standing or sleeping alongside their very own parents somehow, in some small way, makes the world a much better place.


  • The Tired Mama Blues 1 of 25
    The Tired Mama Blues
    One of the best scenes in the world is the tired doggy mama lying and nursing her newborn pups. There's just something magical about it, I think.
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  • Time To Ramble 2 of 25
    Time To Ramble
    When a pup takes his first few steps out of the cardboard box or the bed he was born in, it's often his mom or dad who are right there to help nudge him in the right direction.
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  • Say Cheese! 3 of 25
    Say Cheese!
    If we're lucky, mom or dad will encourage new pups to pose for their first family picture. Here, mom is a little camera shy, but Junior sure isn't!
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  • Quiet Time 4 of 25
    Quiet Time
    Doggy mamas sure have their paws full when that new litter of energy balls are born. She must really look forward to whatever sleep she can get, huh?
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  • Grace X 2 5 of 25
    Grace X 2
    I like when we can get a little glimpse of pups with their mamas at those times when everything is calm and each of them are just quietly getting used to the other.
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  • The Art Of Patience 6 of 25
    The Art Of Patience
    Of course, if there is one real life-lesson to learn from watching pups and their parents it has to be patience. Watch a mother dog with her young ones for a while and you will get an idea of how patient and understanding the best parents really are.
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  • Love Taps 7 of 25
    Love Taps
    Witnessing actual affection between a parent and his or her pup has got to be one of the sweetest things in life.
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  • Belly Beds 8 of 25
    Belly Beds
    Puppies are funny. When they are awake they are REALLY awake, getting their curious noses into just about anything they can manage. But when they are exhausted and tuckered out from their day, they are the sleepiest critters around. And mom and dad usually make for the best beds.
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  • Mom and Dad and Me 9 of 25
    Mom and Dad and Me
    Sometimes both parents have a little pow-wow out on the lawn with one of their pups. Here, I think this little guy's folks are helping him find a nice spot for a pee...
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  • Mama’s Tired Eyes 10 of 25
    Mama's Tired Eyes
    There is something incredibly humanistic in certain photos that capture so well the ragged and weary journey of a mama dog. This one is just perfect, I think.
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  • Two Of A Kind 11 of 25
    Two Of A Kind
    Extreme awesomeness is when a mom or dad dog has a miniature version of themselves by their side. Damn, that's cute.
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  • The Way We Were 12 of 25
    The Way We Were
    So much of life changes so fast as we speed forward into the future that it's nice to know that some things just never ever really change at all. Case in point: mama dogs on a makeshift bed with new pups. This one is from 1946, but it looks as if it could be from 1546 or next week.
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  • Milk Drunk 13 of 25
    Milk Drunk
    I almost feel a little sad for some mama dogs when they appear to be so zonked out and the frisky pups are climbing all over her, wanting to nurse. Makes for a great picture though.
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  • Out In the Street 14 of 25
    Out In the Street
    Seeing a mom or dad dog out in the world with a puppy who is undoubtedly a son or daughter is always a highlight of my day whenever I'm lucky enough to catch it.
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  • For Love 15 of 25
    For Love
    I dig seeing the pics that capture how much a mama dog sacrifices her body and her energy for her needful pups when they are born. This photo captures exactly that.
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  • Learning From The Best 16 of 25
    Learning From The Best
    Happiness is watching a dad and his son play a little ball.
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  • Kisses 17 of 25
    Seeing a mother dog bathing her pups with a nice tongue bath is pretty sweet.
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  • Doppelgangers 18 of 25
    Here a mom and her little one practice looking out the window while looking practically identical.
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  • The Look Of Love 19 of 25
    The Look Of Love
    On rare occasions, we are lucky enough to photograph that special look a mama has for her young. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, the picture is priceless.
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  • Wild And Free 20 of 25
    Wild And Free
    As sweet as the tired sleepy shots of mamas and puppies are, I still think that seeing one-on-one yard action between a parent and his or her small fry rules.
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  • Three Of A Kind 21 of 25
    Three Of A Kind
    Are you kidding me? A mama, a papa, and a youngster bulldog hanging out together? It's not gonna get much better than this! Someday I'm gonna get a bulldog and his name will be Archie Bunker.
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  • I Can’t Believe You’re Here! 22 of 25
    I Can't Believe You're Here!
    Certain pictures really bottle the magic of a mama or a papa pooch paving the way for their whippersnappers. This one has 'classic' written all over it.
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  • You Look Just Like Your Dad 23 of 25
    You Look Just Like Your Dad
    Obviously, we all really love those shots of parents and pups that look exactly the same. But there is also something to be said for the charm of the ones where the physical likeness isn't quite there, but the strong loving bond is super evident.
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  • The Perfect Portrait 24 of 25
    The Perfect Portrait
    Getting one dog to pose for a camera can be difficult. Getting a bunch of them to do it at once can seem impossible. Yet, if you manage to get that elusive dog family portrait, will have yourself a little artistic masterpiece, that's for sure.
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  • We Are Family 25 of 25
    We Are Family
    To define family as a bond defined by blood is misleading, I think. 'Family' is who we love, who we need, and who we share our life with. And I reckon that dogs know that to be true.
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