The Only Thing Cuter Than a Kitten is Many Kittens Cuddling

6 Photos of Kittens All Cuddled TogetherKittens make the internet as awesome as it is.

I know that I am not the only cat-fanatic here and I will never be disappointed when I am on the search for some new and adorable photos of our favorite animal — the cat!

They are the cutest ever, I am convinced and there is almost nothing cuter than a new kitten, but there is one thing.


The cuteness of their tiny noses, their eyes that are too big for their heads and the whiskers are just too much. Some kittens like to play in a group, others like to climb over each other and some just need their best friends and siblings nearby to fall asleep. Kitten co-sleeping for the win!

Click through to see 6 adorable photos of cats in cute piles:

  • Play Pile of Kittens 1 of 6
    Play Pile of Kittens
    They are not sleeping, but they seem to be wrestling together.
    Photo credit: doustpauline/ Flickr
  • Trying to Sleep Pile of Kittens 2 of 6
    Trying to Sleep Pile of Kittens
    One kitten is already in dreamland and the other is patiently waiting.
    Photo credit: ellyjonez/ Flickr
  • Tiny Pile of Kittens 3 of 6
    Tiny Pile of Kittens
    Teeny newborns all sleeping together ::swoon::
    Photo credit: uzi978/ Flickr
  • Curious Pile of Kittens 4 of 6
    Curious Pile of Kittens
    You can tell it's nap time, but some kittens just won't settle.
    Photo credit: David~O/ Flickr
  • Fighting Pile of Kittesn 5 of 6
    Fighting Pile of Kittesn
    What are siblings for if not to play fight with?
    Photo credit: Martin Cathrae/ Flickr
  • Ready for Bed Pile of Kittens 6 of 6
    Ready for Bed Pile of Kittens
    You can tell these little cuties are having a restful sleep.
    Photo credit: BryanAlexander/ Flickr

Photo credit:  David~O / Flickr


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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