The Only Thing Cuter Than One Dog? Two Teenage Dachshunds

Hello, Babblers! Alie, blog coordinator extraordinaire, here. Last week, Andrea introduced you to her best friend’s dog and told you he was the cutest dog in the world. While she and I agree on most things, on this, sadly, she is quite mistaken. Please meet Ollie and Olivia, my two significantly cuter teenaged dachshunds.

When I was 13, most kids I knew were either having a Bar/bat Mitzvah or a confirmation for their birthdays. Instead, I got dogs. I think we can all agree who won here. In the years since they’ve been everything from a source of comfort, to a dog-shaped shadow, to an electric blanket in the winter, to a reason to get me to come back home pretty often (helpful tip to all the parents out there who want to make sure their kids visit when they’re grown). Just like kids, they have totally different personalities: Ollie is incredibly smart, likes to be warm at all times, plays favorites, and only likes toys that squeak, while Livie loves everyone equally, would lick your face (or hand, or foot) for hours, and sleeps by herself and upside down.

I now present to you Ollie and Livie throughout the years, otherwise known as the time I got to post cute pictures of my dogs and call it work.

  • A True Red 1 of 15
    A True Red
    Ollie is a true red dachshund—even his (giant, pig-like) nose is red! Most red dachshunds have black noses, and are thus not quite as cute.
  • Dug 2 of 15
    Livie looks like Dug, the dog from Up.
  • Donut 3 of 15
    Dachshunds like to curl up and look like donuts when they sleep.
  • Puppy Face 4 of 15
    Puppy Face
    Livie has always been a pro at making sad puppy faces to get you to come pet her.
  • Grown-up Dog Puppy Face 5 of 15
    Grown-up Dog Puppy Face
    She even manages to pull off looking like a puppy with white fur.
  • Wild Animals 6 of 15
    Wild Animals
    One day my dad brought home lobsters, and this happened for quite a while before he actually cooked them. It turns out dogs will not attack or eat live lobsters. (There was much prodding of the lobsters with sticks so they'd stick their claws up and look menacing).
  • Ears 7 of 15
    Ollie sticks his ears straight out when he wants something, or when he's incredibly relaxed (read: sitting on my lap, because I am his favorite).
  • Bring Me With You 8 of 15
    Bring Me With You
    Livie tried to come back to college with me after one trip home from school. For the record, I totally would have taken her.
  • Come Back! 9 of 15
    Come Back!
    If you go outside without them, they will do this until you return. Double cute factor.
  • Long-lost Loves 10 of 15
    Long-lost Loves
    Ollie likes to run into my arms from across the yard. His ears bounce around like bunny ears when he does so.
  • Birthday Dog 11 of 15
    Birthday Dog
    I like to remind my parents that even though I do not live at home anymore, the dogs were once my birthday present and thus are still my dogs.
  • Ice Cream 12 of 15
    Ice Cream
    Did you know they make dog ice cream? Did you know that dogs looks significantly cuter than humans when they eat it?
  • Owldog 13 of 15
    Livie's white face makes her look like an owl. Dogs + owls + extra cute.
  • Playing Favorites 14 of 15
    Playing Favorites
    Ollie's least favorite family member is my mom. Probably because she makes him do things like this.
  • Burrito 15 of 15
    Dachshunds like to roll themselves up in blankets like burritos. Snuggly dog burritos are the best kind of burritos.

So, which cute dog reigns supreme? —Alexandra Martell

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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