'The Pet Collective': YouTube Launches Animal Channel

Internet TV for animal lovers

As the internet continues to gain a major foothold on original television-style programming (anyone not seen the brillant ‘Pittsburgh Dad‘ yet?), YouTube has joined the ranks with a brand new channel dedicated to pet owners and animal lovers.

The Pet Collective is barely one week old and already features more than 150 original videos about the world of pets and pet ownership.

A Huffington Post piece out today states that the company behind the new venture is none other than the British-based Fremantle, the same television production powerhouse behind such hits as American Idol and The X Factor.

Topping the list of shows already airing is Growing Up Wild, which circles around the lives of  the children of the late Steve Irwin, of ‘Crocodile Hunter‘ fame. The series will follow Bindi, 13, and Robert, 8, who live,”… in the center of the 1,500-acre Australia Zoo near Brisbane,” according to the Huffington Post.

Surrounded by an immense amount of wildlife, and given their extraordinary backgrounds, Growing Up Wild will focus on the fact that, as young Robert puts it,”Not all animals actually make good pets. Be careful what animals you actually choose and always protect animals.”

Given the still frontier-like atmosphere of internet TV programming and the average viewer’s shortening attention spans, Fremantle has decided to keep things short and sweet, with each new episode topping out at around 5 minutes. But, with 10 episodes of various programs planned, the company foresees coming out of the summer season with about, “…20 hours of programming… 12 episodes an hour,…240 individual episodes.”

Other programs scheduled to run on The Pet Collective include The Litter, a Khloe Kardashian hosted show about the trials and tribulations of a litter of new kittens, and Master & Pet,  a sit-com style feature about about a woman, her dating life, and pet her cat.

The Pet Collective is live now over at YouTube.

Here’s a preview:


Image: The Pet Collective/Facebook

Video: The Pet Collective/YouTube


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