The Pet Peek: Can We Talk About This?

The “Pet Peek” is a window that you install in your solid fence so your pooch can have his own “point of view”.  I am super intrigued by this. On the one hand, the reviews I’ve read report happy owners whose dogs love looking out their window. And it’s pretty adorable. And there’s something cool about the thought of having a bunch of little portholes running the length of your fence.

On the other hand, is this really a good idea? I mean…perhaps it will prevent your pet from trying to dig out under the fence, but it’s certainly not going to keep them from barking at passersby. And while I can see them being totally cute and awesome in a dog house, or even a tree house, the idea of cutting a hole for your dog to look through just seems sort of counter-intuitive to me. At least if you want your dog to know that they’re a dog and not a human. (Does that sound harsh? I am surrounded by dogs. If I let them think they were humans they’d mutiny.)

So I asked the professional. Where by the professional, I mean my husband who is a dog trainer. His response went beyond making sure your dogs know they’re not humans. According to the professional, he doesn’t love the idea because it’s allowing your dog an opportunity to play territorial and up their energy level thereby making their behavior more difficult for you to control. So if your dog is the mellow type who will lay by his window and watch the grass grow, then go nuts. But if you’re trying to solve a dog barking and scratching at every noise that passes by, you’ve got some training to do before you buy that puppy a peephole.

What’s your take on the Pet Peek? Would you install one?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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