There Is an Entire YouTube Channel of Zen Cats and It’s Awesome

There is an entire YouTube channel of Zen cats. Frequently updated more than once a day, Shiro Neko Shiro brings us the calmest, most soothing cats on the Internet.

I have no idea how (or why) the kitties’ owner gets them to tolerate this, but the videos are almost all short clips of the cats with things on their heads or on their paws. The cats balance fruit, cans of catfood, boxes of tea, and flowers on their heads, all for the camera. Oddly enough, they look completely dignified, even when they’re wearing seedling pots as hats.

Here are my three favorite videos from the channel:


Seedling Pot

Why I like it: Obviously, because it reminds me of DEVO.


Cat and Paper Bag

Why I like it: The surprise at 2:00.



Why I like it: It’s just so weird.


Enjoy more moments of kitty Zen at Shiro Neko Shiro.

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