There’s a New Kitten on the Block — Meet Gmork!

catI miss my two cats so much — Puff and Ming-Ming. They passed away earlier in the year after 16 years being in my life and it’s taken me by surprise the little things I miss about them. Puff would always sleep above my pillow each night, would hang out with me in the washroom when I was taking a bath, and seemed to shadow me more when I was pregnant. Ming-Ming had a such a sweet personality, it’s hard to comprehend I won’t hear his sweet voice and see his confidence as he flaunted his fluffy tail.

It’s been wonderful having our 3-year old adopted cat Ariel in the house. We brought her into the house not long after Puff passed away in hopes she could bring some comfort to Ming-Ming. He didn’t last long after his best friend passed and for a while we have been loving on our one cat, Ariel.

I have always had two cats and believe they are happier in pairs. Ariel would spend her day staring at me and seemingly getting more bored by the day. It was becoming clear to me that she needed a play companion — another cat to hangout with and cuddle with, especially when we were out of the house for a day.

This past week — we all felt ready to bring on a new member of the family and we knew we wanted to adopt again from the local Humane Society, but wanted to wait until we found the right cat for us.

And we did!

Meet Gmork! A gorgeous 3-week-old black, male kitten who has just brightened up whole house. I have forgotten how much fun and energy and noise comes from a kitten in the house — it’s been wonderful.

This weekend we have been trying to slowly introduce Gmork to Ariel — who is resistant, but getting there. Gmork is full of energy, loves to literally climb up the walls and the curtains. He sleeps above my pillow and hangs out with me in the bathroom when I am taking a bath and has one of the loudest purrs.

More Gmork adventures to come!

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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