These Dogs Are The Worst Biters, Says NYC Health Department

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Which dog do you think bites the most often?

Pit Bull? Rottweiler? German Shepherd? What are your picks for the dogs that bite the most people?

Pitt bulls get a very unfair rap. People who don’t know them often tend to think that they are the most volatile and dangerous type, which is totally untrue: it all depends on who raises them. I’ve never had a pit bull (yet) but I have had a 120–pound Rottweiler and many German Shepherds. My rottie was as sweet as could be and our shepherds were also loving and obedient dogs. They never once tried to bite any of us or other people, although they did bark at people who seemed strange.

It’s not surprising according to the NYC Department of Health because none of these dogs are considered the worst biters. The dogs that bite the most often might actual surprise you.

Here is how the stats measure up since 2008:

1. Chihuahuas: 442 times

2. Shih Tzus: 359 times

3. Poodles: 272 times

While the incidences of dog bites reached an all-time high of 3,607 in 2010, it is reported that last year the bites were down 1.3%. When discussing this topic with a member of the NYPD who has responded to several dog bite calls, he said that most of the time the owners ask people not to pet their dog and they bend down and do it anyway. Naturally, these pint-sized pups try to defend themselves.

Keep in mind this report only measures dogs in New York City; it’s not nationwide. And every dog is different. But it’s worth remembering that a dog’s small stature doesn’t discount its ability to bite.

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