14 Pets That Are Ready for Some Football! (Photos)

Note: You’re supposed to read that headline in a Hank Williams, Jr. voice, even though he’s been axed from ESPN’s Monday Night. Whatevs. You get the idea.

Anyway, college football is underway. The NFL season 2012-13 kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday), with the Dallas Cowboys playing at the New York Giants. The NFL season brings tons of quality family time our way, especially since my husband’s a Giants fan, I’m an Eagles fan, and my parents are Cowboys fans. We all vie for the kids’ loyalties.

So far two of the kids are Eagles fans and two are Giants fans. Thank God, none of them is a Cowboys fan, although I suspect that’ll be how one of them will rebel as a teenager.

We also try to sway our cats, but one of them is deaf and cares about this stuff even less than most cats, and the other one has decided he’s only into NCAA football. So there goes that.

Enjoy these pets that are ready for some football!

  • Honey? 1 of 14
    Oh, it's a cat. Totes thought that was my husband for a sec.

    (Photo Credit: Humor Sharing)
  • When your team is winning, this is a cat football bed. 2 of 14
    When your team is winning, this is a cat football bed.
    When your team is losing, it's a kitty litter cover.

    (Photo Credit: Super Cool Pets)
  • Who wants to play ‘Tackle-the-Dog’? 3 of 14
    Who wants to play 'Tackle-the-Dog'?
    This cat is game.

    (Photo Credit: MGo Blog)
  • Um, that’s close. 4 of 14
    Um, that's close.
    Fruit Helmet Cat is going for that old-school look. Or something.

    (Photo Credit: Eventing Nation)
  • Rah! 5 of 14
    Cheerleader dog is stoked. Also sits at the "popular table" at lunch.

    (Photo Credit: Bad Ass Petz)
  • Cheerleader dog haz a sad. 6 of 14
    Cheerleader dog haz a sad.
    Her team did not make it to finals. Boo.

    (Photo Credit: Lollercoaster)
  • This dog IS football. 7 of 14
    This dog IS football.
    He really lives the game.

    (Photo Credit: Our Life Beyond the Game)
  • Delicious, delicious pigskin. 8 of 14
    Delicious, delicious pigskin.
    Almost as good as bacon.

    (Photo Credit: Kitchen Snark)
  • Football chihuahua is ready to play. 9 of 14
    Football chihuahua is ready to play.
    Kinda little. He must be a kicker.

    (Photo Credit: Free Fantasy Football Picks)
  • Football Dog is ready to play. 10 of 14
    Football Dog is ready to play.
    Also ready to snag those nachos off the counter while you're not looking.

    (Photo Credit: Gadget Grid)
  • Put me in, Coach. 11 of 14
    Put me in, Coach.
    I'm ready to play. Today.

    (Photo Credit: Free Extras)
  • Bo Obama is ready for some football. 12 of 14
    Bo Obama is ready for some football.
    This is so not a political statement. It's just that I couldn't find any photos of Gov. Romney with a dog that didn't also involve a crate on top of the car. Which is a shame, because I'm sure Romney's dog is super into tailgating parties.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Offical White House Photograph)
  • Cat has skillz. 13 of 14
    Cat has skillz.
    All those stars on the helmet are for the touchdowns. Or possibly the mice he's killed. Whatevs. Don't mess with him.

    (Photo Credit: Stuff On My Cat)
  • My cat’s more of a college football fan. 14 of 14
    My cat's more of a college football fan.
    Not so much into following the pros, here's Luke napping until the UConn-NC State game on Saturday. Oh, yes, he's snuggling with the UConn husky, Jonathan.

    (Photo Credit: Joslyn Gray for Babble Pets)

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