Puppy Cam! Watch Live Shiba Inu Pups

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They sleep a lot, like all newborns, but even their slumbers are incredibly cute!

There is something about puppies that bring instant happiness to an otherwise dismal day. My daughter had a chronic health condition and has to see a specialist to undergo a few invasive tests every few months, no fun at all. But the bright light to the location is that it is a block away from a pet store that sells puppies, so after every doc visit, we head to the store for much needed boost. This is a feel good therapy for which there is no match.

The next best thing to visiting puppies is watching them live as they frolick around with their siblings and mom. Hint, hint. Can you guess? The Shiba Inu puppy cam is back!

The puppy cam, featuring the latest liter of newborn Shiba Inus, is a pure delight. These five Shiba Inu pups named were born on on May 21, 2012. This is the first litter by their mom, Ayumi.

Here is a breakdown:


—Daiichi – Blue collar

—Dango – Green collar

—Dosha – Pink collar

—Daisuki – Purple collar

—Dakota – No collar

Yesterday when I watched for the first time, they were all in various states of slumber and one was completely on his back with his little feet in the air while his siblings leaned and turned over on him. Later in the night, they were sound asleep again, and twitching with cute little movements while they rested. Currently, they are all awake, bright-eyes and trying their best get milk from their mom. Mom is sitting up and looks tired as she tries to accomodate her pups. (Besides the fur, she also looks no different than many of us human moms this morning!) One pup is done eating and laying down while mom just wrapped her arms around him.

The cute factor constantly goes up here folks. What a way to start the day!

Watch the live puppy cam for yourself  here:

Video streaming by Ustream

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